Roller Derby emblem

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Fun little commission I worked on for a roller derby tournament.

65004717_483678312443110_373445293263290368_n 2.jpg

I scribbled out 6 sketches before settling on this idea. I wanted to do something different to the iconic boot and wings graphic and went for something a little more twisted.


mocks 3.jpg


It is so cute idea :)) How can you think like this work? Interesting and impressive ~

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I really like it, @jeremyrfk !

The design is super cool, I love that tongue so much XD And the teeth/maw/jaw as the shoes's mouth is AMAZING ! I also like how the mascot is riding the shoe, like she's riding a muscle car :D :D :D

Great colours too, the 'blockiness' works well with the theme, and I can only imagine this would look awesomely bad ass as embroidered team logos on their gears :> Really neat, Jer ! Love it !

Thank you! I'm not sure if T-shirts are being done but I think stickers for helmets etc are in the works so far. Embroidered team logos would be really cool though.

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