Waterfall mural

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IMAG0791 6.jpg

Project I recently finished for a nice lady in Maryborough,

concept 1.jpg

This was the first rough sketch I worked on for the project, as it goes, the first few are usually sub-par so it was back to the drawing board.

Untitled-1 3 2.jpg

she wanted something that would fit well with the surrounding trees and gardens. I had begun with about 10 rough sketches before deciding on #3



Unfortunately I didn't get many shots of the work in progress but I began sketching out the basic shapes with watered down black acrylic. The beginning stage was fairly late at night so I had to work quickly before I was mauled by mosquitoes.


I used a brush roller to cover as much area as quickly as possible. Having to work between all the grooves and ridges was pretty challenging. I managed to get the project done in about a week, I would have liked to have spent more time on it but sadly time does not always permit it.


Wow! So beautiful! I want one too. ^_^

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ohhh amazing @jeremyrfk 💎💎 It's wonderful that we can appreciate the details, as in the second photo. Great!

Thank you very much @smeralda

Hi jeremyrfk,

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Very cool, thank you

it is beautiful.... well done dear friend...

Thanks man!


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Keep up the great work!


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Your artwork is awesome, sorry but I forgot to comment, lol.

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that's a crazy awesome mural omg, i would LOVE to go back home to that every day * ___ * amazing framing and composition and as usual, your colours knock my socks off * ___ *

Haha I will return! My mind's been occupied elsewhere and life has been kicking my ass. I've been fighting on the front lines for the liver brigade. Thank you kindly!

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The result is pretty impressive, @jeremyrfk!

Thank you very much @arrr

Wow, an entire week? Excellent work on this mural! For how long did you paint each day?

Thank you! I averaged around 6 hours a day, the painting portion of the project totaled around 60 hours.

Wow! Incredible!!!

ehy dear @jeremyrfk, beautiful mural :-)) is the door of a garage? I also really liked the number 8 !! it's nice that someone asks for this kind of work for their home, doesn't it? does it happen to you often? congratulations on your curie vote

Thank you! yes this was painted onto their garage door, It would be nice to come home to each day after work! I don't paint murals full time but it's fun to do every couple of months

and do you ever paint the interior walls of houses, for example to decorate children's rooms? it must be nice to draw enchanted worlds for them :-))

None as of yet, It would be a lot of fun though, I have mostly painted interior walls for commercial and small businesses!

AMAZING work! I very like details!

Very impressive work. The colors scene and effect are amazing.

What a great mural Jeremy. Your work is always outstanding. It's such a pity that we don't have artists like you and our murals are simply horrible.

This one looks like it was done digitally, printed and glued on the wall :) It doesn't even look real! Well done :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you very much, I am very sorry to hear about the poor quality in local artists, I guess everyone starts somewhere!

incredible artwork man ! especially that you have used mostly a brush roller. damn... creating all those shapes, depths, blending the colors. man, this is really huge thing ! upvote and follow is obligatory. since now I need to know about your every new painting.
i am curious about the reaction of the lady which ordered it from you :) jaw to the ground haha

Thank you very much @cubapl! I must clarify that I mostly used the brush roller for the initial stages and getting the basic shapes. I used smaller brushes and spray paint for all the smaller details. I think she was very content with the outcome!

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