[CR] Guide on how to do the Distortion with Perspective

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Hello to all internet art lovers, and I give you a Happy New Year in advance! ^ _ ^

Finally I share with you part 4 and final of my guides on perspective (the next guides I will be about movement) something curious when I made this guide, it was for the last class before going on vacation, but the same students and their parents decided to go to see the closing of the hip-hop class instead of going to the last class (every year the hip-hop class makes a show showing all the choreographies) Only one of my students was loyal to me and went to my class, we spent the rest of the afternoon explaining how to draw weapons, something he likes to draw and had problems with it, (he is a fan of the Fornite) so this guide will be the First class to explain in 2020. The perspective in the drawing is a magical illusion where we manage to capture on a flat canvas in the world in its three dimensions, that is why it is normal that passing a 3D world to 2D is created distortion in the drawing, this instead of being bad is good, helps compensate for the lack of third dimension and create the illusion of depth, distortion with perspective in the drawing can convey a very strong spatial experience, can make the viewer feel as if he were standing there, who is not only seeing an image that It really is there as if he were part of the drawing.

Pencil sketch of my guide


Separadores para Web-03.png

Perspective Exaggerating to Proximity

Distorsion con perspectiva 1.gif

The simple fact of bringing an object very close to the eyes makes it change as we perceive its dimensions, if this type of perspective is used correctly it is very good to create fast or very accelerated movements.

Open your eyes

Distorsion con perspectiva 2.gif

Deciphering the perspective (Panoramic)

Distorsion con perspectiva 3.gif

Our entire field of vision in its 360º is seen in this way, which is perceived as odd, because our eyes can only focus a part of the entire field of vision (the front) and in a panoramic image we are seeing, front, right, left , top down and back at the same time, panoramic drawings are very interesting for that factor, and the most used tools in animation.

Applying distortion in perspective

Distorsion con perspectiva 4.gif

The classical perspective always runs with straight lines, this is because most of the time, objects within a certain range of vision and distance seem to have straight edges, but sometimes what appears to be a straight object, is actually a small portion of an arc (from certain angles the curves look like straight lines) That is why it is the true perspective there are no straight lines, applying that in the drawing makes this feel more alive and striking, yes, it recommends that distortion be kept to a minimum.

The Fisheye

Distorsion con perspectiva 5.gif

The biggest effect that can be achieved with the perspective (as far as I know) this is an exaggerated effect, but like the perspective of 2 or 3 points the grace of this effect is to leave the vanishing points away from the main image From our drawing, the fisheye is quite precise, none of its guidelines should be drawn at random, and obviously these cannot remain in the final result.

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version

Distorsión con Perspectiva.png

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and find it very useful
See you in a next post


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Amazing info my friend

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excelent info thanks for sharing n.n

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