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This is my first entry to this great contest about drawing FANTASY ART, I am a big fan of fantasy and I am passionate about creating mythical creatures and others only created from my imagination, among my goals is to create a bestiary, fantastic creatures, in this opportunity I decided for reasons of time to do it in traditional format but with the challenge that it would be with colored pencils, I still have a lot to improve this kitchen especially with the skin tones, even so it is always good to get a challenge and always leave the comfort zone, that will be the reason that my next entry will be a digital, even so I am very proud from this centaur girl who enjoys a little walk through a magical forest, it is more likely that later and with time she will make this same image but digitally and see the comparison, it will be an interesting experiment and a good challenge that I will gladly accept.

Previous sketch to develop the idea of drawing


Separadores para Web-04.png

A gif of the process step by step in more detail


Technical information:
Traditional drawing with color pencils
It is drawing bond paper A4 28 x 22 cm
Program used Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (final touches)
Full resolution 2304 x 2940px at 300dpi
The estimated time of its completion was around 6 hours approximately.

Thank you very much for reading my publication

What are your criticisms and comments about this drawing, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my work
See you in a next post


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This beautiful centaur girl looks like she really enjoy her walk through the a magical forest. You express it so well through your art @inu-jim

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Thank you very much for your sweet comment @livvu, wanted to convey joy with this image because the fantasy always teaches us magic and unique wonders, so is the art, art is the window to the world of fantasy


Totally agree with you @inu-jim !

Incredible @inu-jim, your work is very good and I really liked it, if you do traditional or digital art, you always do excellent works.

Your centaur girl is amazing!!!

Welcome to the contest, it makes me very happy that you have decided to participate. ;)


That is the idea, to give the best of you in any medium to transmit your art, whether digital or traditional.
and how nice that you would like my centaur girl a lot @yanes94, and I need other magical girls more to publish.
and I wanted to participate from the first days but I was busy finishing my inegro white drawing which took me a lot but a long time

@Inu-Jim This is a great entry to the contest, I love it, Congratulations!


thank you!!! @smeralda, what a joy it gives me that you like so much my pretty centaur girl

Lovely drawing. Many thanks for sharing!


thank you for always supporting me @trincowski, I will gladly continue sharing more fantasy art

How adorable, I can imagine her singing through nature. It's a very nice drawing. Thank you for sharing it.


haha that you are the first to imagine singing, now I have to go thinking of a melody for her, gracoias to comment and to appreciate li adorable centaur girl @hadley4

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