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Hello everyone, on the internet today that I want to share what my opinion is the most important guide of all, and what helps to make all the drawings in a simple way. ^ _ ^

This is my biggest secret when drawing. (To whom I deceive in the matter of drawing, I do not keep secret I explain it and I share everything: D) Many or rather all the first-time cartoonists, and others more experienced, do not know this basic principle, they like to draw directly according to what they indicate your own intuition, (some do not sketch do) The problem with this, is that when they finish their work is that they notice the errors of proportion and physical logic in their drawing, when it is too late to correct it, or the worst mistake of all; have a great idea of what to draw and not do it for not knowing how to do it, or get scared to add details for being very complicated. Something that should be known is that no drawing is complicated, in reality they are simple once you know how they are structured, so there is no excuse in wanting to innovate when drawing anything, in fact it is my advice: RISK!!! Dare to draw something that they think are not capable of doing, if you never try to make that complicated drawing, you will never discover that you could do it, to match or overcome that artist you admire so much.

As I say to my students, develop the eye of the cartoonist (A true cartoonist, draw with the eyes) learn to associate everything with basic geometric shapes, and you will never find a drawing impossible to do, any image can be made and easy.

Relatively easy :P

Sketch made in pencil of the guide


Separadores para Web-03.png

The geometric shapes that must be mastered

Formas Geometricas.gif

All these forms are the pieces of the puzzle that we have to put together, every time we try to draw, it is already a matter of our creativity to assume where each one of them is located, in the figure or landscape that we want to perform.

How to apply the analysis of a drawing

Dibujo Analitico 1.gif

This is the most basic and essential exercise when it comes to drawing, drawing simple objects through observation, another reason to apply the analytical drawing to start the sketches, is that it is easier to correct the errors, and you can modify the focus and perspective when playing with the position of the forms.

The analytical drawing in more complex figures

Dibujo Analitico 2.gif

In these examples, you can see how easy a drawing of a great deal of detail becomes when it is associated with simple geometric shapes, mainly squares, triangles and circles, the best proof of this is the T-rex head and the chainsaw rifle , the latter despite its large number of details when analyzing it, is just a bunch of overlapping squares.

Technical information:

Vector digital drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version

El Dibujo Analítico.png

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and find it very useful
See you in a next post


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Se te va el yoyo lol.
Me gustan tus guías, y esta es perfecta porque hay una frase que he escuchado de muchos artistas y es que debemos pensar en formas cada vez que querremos hacer algo, porque simplifica las cosas, si haces las formas correctas, puedes hacer infinidades de cosas empezando por eso. Jummmm y esto es solo es un abre boca, me encantaría ver todo el material del que me haz contado.

PS: Sabes que me gustaría una guía que se sobre la perspectiva, pero de esa que le hace volar la cabeza a todos de lo difícil lol....

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Je je te le dije varias veces, asociar todo con formas geométricas para dibujar mejor las cosas.
Ya hice una guía sobre el escorzo que es un tipo de perspectiva, y mas adelante haré una sobre la perspectiva en si misma, pero mas adelante.

hehehehe si lo se, pero soy media porfiada y ademas masoquista XD.

Tendré que hacerte caso y bueno, esperare ese tutorial de perspectiva cuando lo hagas... ojala que sea pronto. ;)


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