A watercolour painting of Shri Krishna.

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ntopaz-image-0Hello friends this is Pranjal from India. I am an artist and it's my first step to this thousands miles unstoppable journey.

Dear friends please accept my first contribution to this awesome community dedicated for the growth of Art and Artists.






This portrait is very very close to my feelings as this is the portrait of Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Radha Rani unitedly we called Shri Radha Krishna, the God of gods and whole world, so I want to start my art journey through this watercolour painting.

# Let's make this happen.


Beautiful watercolor painting of Lord Shri Krishna and Goddess Radha Rani.

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Thank you sir @tussar11 for your beautiful applause.

It is a very nice artwork @impression, I like the divinity that exhales, the colors and the garments look beautiful. Oh, I saw that your nTOPAZ profile is not 100% complete, you can take a moment to complete the information on your nTOPAZ profile, and once again, it was a beautiful watercolor. :)

Dear sir @elisonr13 thank you so much for your kind attention and appreciation to my artwork, I will try my best to fulfill all the criterias.
Thank you once again.

Until the next @impression \O,

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