The Fear Frequency

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iconDARK - The Fear Frequency
Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone

About the Song:
The title is a reference to infrasound... which is pretty cool and well beyond ability of a video description to do proper justice. For those already familiar with the concept, rest assured that no infrasound was used in the creation of this track.... and, if I were lying, your speakers and headphones would probably not be capable of reproducing it. Probably.

About the Video:
Video made with FL-Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
"Polar", author: K+OBV10U3_NINJA
"VectorScope", author: StevenM
"WaveSimple", author: Jph Wacheski
"TextTrueType", author: Ville

Connect with iconDARK

Web: Http://

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I don't feel the fear at the beginning. When I keep listening, I do feel the mysterious atmosphere and begin to imagine what happened and feel the fear. Great expression.

A sound that captures the listener, surely you should have been 100% concentrated while doing it! the result is very good, really, I was listening and yes, you took care of every little detail \O,

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Oh fear track wow. So there is some genre here which is played in horror movies. Now when I am thinking, it sounds obvious to me that some sounds have a horror touch to them, maybe they pull the horror strings in my brain, there must be some science here.

Your track is really scary, by half of it, I felt creepy and stopped it since I am really scared of dark and horror stuff.

I am amazed to see someone who is doing horror music. You are COOL.
Congrats on your curie, well deserved. :)

Thanks for the kind words; i'm glad you enjoyed the track. ...well, half of it... :)

hehe yeah the half of it was quite sleep evaporator :p

hi @icondark
really interesting and impressive this trace of frequencies !! but there is also a psychological study behind it ??
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing

Yes, there have been scientific studies of infrasound. I'm no researcher, but the general gist is that only some people are susceptible to it. The low frequencies will generate sensations ranging from unease to panic in only a small percentage of people exposed to it... but for those people, it is very real. So you can't blast infrasound at a party and make everybody freak out. But you CAN blast it at a party and make some people freak out while others wonder what's going on. When you think about it, the second scenario is much more interesting...

but is these people's reaction a psychological or physical issue (type of hearing organ, sensitive receptors ...)? because to me it has made a certain effect

Ah, now I understand the question.
Unfortunately, I don't know the real answer. Based on what I've read it is probably either physical or a combination of physical AND psychological.

I will inform about it! I would not like to be psychologically conditioned by a piece of music :-))

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