189 KM Non-Stop Trekking In Himalayas

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ntopaz-image-0Hello friends,
Finally I am back from a very long trekking expedition. I have been trekking in Himalayas for almost 14 days. I was on by my own in bad weather. I did 189km in that I gained overall hight is almost 15050 meters.
I have visited Bhrigu lake (4300 meter), Sar Pass (4250 meter), Pin Parvati Pass (5319 meter). There were few high altitude lakes along with few high altitude mountain passes.

Enjoy the view rest of the detail will share soon.

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Impresionante vista. Una hermosa montaña en medio de la panicie tibetana. Pareciera que pudieramos alcanzar el cielo.. Una gran expedición en las montañas más altas y bellas del munto. Excelente foto.

Thank you very much for stopping by

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Hello @himalayanwomb! Wow this picture is amazing and we really love the clouds on the montains. Thanks for share this wonderful landscape with us!

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Thank for the words, I will update that.

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Thank for the words, Owl update that.

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Epic Trip my friend!

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Thanks mate

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Hi, @himalayanwomb!

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