Portrait Study of @Rasamuel | Oil Painting

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ntopaz-image-0It's that time of the year again when I stretch a canvas, do a portrait study, leave it somewhere in the house, never paint again for months, and wonder why I still suck at painting. lol.

Here you can see @rasamuel 's innocent face get victimized by my rusty hands. Yes, this is how he looks like but not exactly. I bet he looks hotter in person. And yeah I kinda messed up a bit for making him look like a fabulous girl (sorry Rassy). And also I realized the nose is quite far from his actual nose but I already cleaned my brush and I am too lazy to correct it. Anyway, it's just a study so mistakes won't hurt my heart. :D


I painted this one on an 8 x 8 inches canvas (cute, right?). I finished it the day after I started it but if you add all those hours of work it probably only took me 3-4 hours because I had 2 hours break in every hour work because I have a short attention span. :P


The first layer was just me painting a base color so it will be easier for me to build up the colors. I don't use pencil for sketches because I am a brave girl.... and later regret why I didn't do a proper sketch. :D


Shadows and highlights.


And watch it get muddy because I suck.





And the finished one.

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For all your self-confessed laziness @hiddenblade you have produced such a wonderful drawing.

You have an eye for being able to analyze the structure and tone of the face, that doesn't equate to just the time spent actually doing the work. But shows that you are observing life generally.


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I like her shining skin. You really paint a great portrait.


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Thank you! :D

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Oh @hiddenblade glad to have you back with paintings!!! 💙🙌 such a nicely done portrait! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Yeah I say that too, that I'm back with painting in oil but I will become lazy in the next few weeks and not paint again. Hahaha I should stop being lazy! Thank you! :D

Just an amazing portrait!

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Omg I wish I was this beautitul in real life! Oh well. Thank you for the digital beauty tho 😍😍


so humbleeee

you look very "regal" in the art.... I can see you in front of a group like you're the leader and trusted soul, all your people standing behind you








Hahaha aren't you? :P
You're always welcome!

Hahaha, you always make me laugh with descriptions of your art work :D

He indeed looks like a fabulous woman and I would do almost anything to have such lips :D

I like how you toned his skin and his facial expression is good as well..

I've seen his comment and it looks like he's happy with his portrait so you should be proud of yourself :)

Have a good day!


I know I should be a comedian hahahah. Thank you! Yeah his lips are so plump Kylie Jenner would want those! :D



i really like it hiddi and you do not suck and this is amazing and i love the skin tone and the colours so much ! the highlights on the facial planes and the expression are so wonderful ! VERY NICE <3 <3 <3


Aaww thank you spidey! Proportions aren't perfect so yah I think I do suck lol. There is one thing I realized just now.... WHY DO MY PAINTINGS LOOK LIKE I AM SQUINTING OR ANGEEERRYY hahaha


cuz your figures exist in a world that is so bright that they must close their eyes a bit



hahaha good point good point! :P

I really like how you made the skin here, it is rich in colour and shines well :).


Thank you scrawlyy! It's cos of the natural shiny skin of the Africans haaa B-)

I am too lazy to correct it. Anyway, it's just a study so mistakes won't hurt my heart. :D

:)) açıklamalar çok eğlenceliydi ve çok iyisin:)
I like it..


Haha, I am glad there is always someone who will comment about how fun my captions were. Thank you!

You have been featured on @artzone.

Courtesy of @gbija


Thank you! :D

Wow, awesome work, very impressive! Bravo Hiddenblade! <3 <3 <3


Thank you!! :P