Summer Night at the Devils Bridge - Light Painting

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Bringing Light to a place like this during the night. A challenge in it self with a grand reward. The picture is just so much worth it.

The common name of this mystic bridge is Rakotzbrücke but very often reffered to it as Devils Bridge. I shared a different lighting of this bridge before. It is located in Germany 2h south of Berlin near the polish border.

What you see is a single exposure of 291 sec. at F5.0 on ISO 200, 25mm. This photograph meant a lot of running for me: first light up the left side of the lake, then run over to the left and shine the light to the right. After that i ran all the way to the bridge and light that up. This is in total a 3km run arount the lake. If you look closely at the star trails the lens was covered during the times is was running from one spot to the other. Thats not been photoshopped ;-)

Glad you found your way to my gallery. Every support is very much appreciated.
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What a wonderful atmosphere!

Thank you so much. Glad you like it. 🙏

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You guys are amazing. 🙏

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Richtig schön in Szene gesetzt die Rakotzbrücke 👍🏻 sie ist nicht so weit von mein Eltern entfernt. Beste Grüße Maik

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Wird ja leider zur Zeit noch dran gebaut. Hoffe die sind bald wieder fertig. Hab noch ein paar Ideen.

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