My Drawing of an African Ethiopian Woman with her baby

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The Mursi tribe of Ethiopia

The drawing of this woman shows that she's from the mursi tribe of Ethiopia, The mursi tribe is one of the most fascinating tribe in Ethiopia and also Africa at large. They are known popularly because of a disc plate which is fixed at their lips, this has being a very fundamental part of their lifestyle, the disk plate is usually made from clay or woods, it is often claimed that the bigger the size of the disc plate in their mouth, the bigger the prestige they get, however the bigger the disc plate in a females mouth the more her bridal price or wealth. This plate gains the women of the community much respects and prestige. The mursi people speak Mursi language which it's their Ancestral language. People like this exist and it's so funny how they take it as their own form of civilization, Africa is blessed with so many ethnicity and culture, culture is the total way of life. Being the fact that i am an African, originally
from nigeria. I still find this fascinating, as africans we all belong to Different ethnic group, and also our culture and traditions differs, but this is the most shocking to me. I never knew people like this exist in Africa until today, when i stumbled across it online and decided to do a drawing about it, up to this extent tourist visit Ethiopia to have a look for them selves and also learn more about the mursi people, Here is an image of how most of them dress in real life.


How they look without the lip plate 👇


Back to our drawing

This drawing is a drawing i did of a mursi woman who has her baby tied with a wrapper to her body. This work took me roughly 4 hours to draw, i drew this work on an A4 paper.

  • Materials used for this work are:
    -Pencil colors
    -Charcoal pencil and HB pencil
    -eraser/ kneaded eraser
    -Cotton bud

Here are my progress shots





















Thank you for stopping by hoping to see you again, please leave a comment below on your thoughts of this work. THANKS

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These traditions are so bizarre. It hurts me just by looking. 😕
Nice drawing, sir!


I no how you feel man i feel the same way, but to them they are living in thier own form of civilization, trying to follow their ancestral traits. Its a pity though i just pray and hope they change, just thought i should share. @trincowski

I am totally speechless @guchidan.. she's just so amazing though in thsi modern world this would seems a bit weird, but we need to appreciate their tradition, though. thanks for sharing this with us.. anyway, have you ever met one of them directly? wondering how thet eat? or kissing..


Well to them thats their own form of civilization, i feel sorry for them though😑.. Am from west africa Nigeria, Ethiopia is in the earstern part of Africa. They don't stay in the city they live in a remote area, although some white tourist do go and see them as well as conducting research to know more about their culture, i Have never travel there before haven't seen any reason yet lol😂😂 in terms of Africa Ethiopia is not on my list though @cicisaja

Good drawing, the way you sketch these portraits are with confidence and artistic expression :) I like that you include information also on the Mursi tribe. A fascinating culture!


Thanks so much dear, well i just felt that adding photographic images will explain the drawing more, since some people who aren't part of this continent could see for them selves, a fascinating tribe indeed..

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I wonder how she manage to eat... your drawing is really beautiful :)

Best regards.

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Nice one guy


Thanks my guy

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Hello @guchidan!

I just want to tell you this: your drawing is great but, after seeing the picture, I unconsciously keep touching my lower lips! It's not you- it's me really and, I am not blaming you for it.hehehehehe

Kind regards



Ahahahhaahhaa very funny we cant blame them either, they are just keeping up with the laid down principles and traditions their ancestors laid for them, its just so disheartening that it has to be their lips but well if i was the one i might endup running from that village. I feel for them though 😑😑