Hyperrealism drawing of rihanna

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ntopaz-image-0hello folkz, so good to be here ones again. The drawing before us is a drawing i did of rihanna, she was born on the 20th of feb. 1988 she is a barbadian singer, business woman, actress and songwriter. Her net worth is around $260 million, she has won several awards such as American music award, Grammy award, MTV europe music award, billboard music award etc. The album that made her famous was music of the sun, as well as "A girl like me" Even up till date she's still one of the top female artist in america.

materis used are):

-Graphite pencil HB, 2b, 8B Mechanical pencil
-Cotton bud
-Paper blender

Here are my some of my shots









Thank you for stopping by hoping to see you again, please leave a comment below on your thoughts of this work. THANKS

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Very very good bro! Congratulations!


Thanks so much

Very cool portrait artwork, @guchidan! This is a photo of a younger Rihanna, isn't it?


Yes very correct

You captured the likeness of this beautiful musical icon very well :) Nice pencil portrait, @guchidan !


Thanks dear i appreciate

Beautiful portrait drawing of Rihanna @guchidan She looks very beautiful and lively in your artwork

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Why is it important to specify the original photo with a link ???????

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Good art work...wow!

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Thanks dear

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This is the second time I am at your post : )

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Thanks @wolfhart the whole team of PIFC are so supportive I'm happy to have met some of them...keep up the good work man.


We are glad that you are also a part of pifc.
Keep on giving inspiration to people as you do

hola @guchidan. Me encanta la manera en la que captas los detalles y lo plasmas tan hermosamente en el lienzo, no me canso de ver tu arte 😍 A+


Gracia's amigo


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Thanks for the support i appreciate

Love the portrait @guchidan! She really is great!

I found your post because @soulkanzart featured you in a Pay It Forward Curation contest entry😊


Thanks so much for your comment it really means alot to me God bless you

Hi @guchidan! I liked your publication, it is a very nice work of art, with your permission I will take it to participate in the competition contest pay it forward is a wonderful contest that is in its week 47, I invite you to participate.



Feel free to use @soulkanzart

Excellent work! She's so realistic! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

I found your post because @soulkanzart featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!