Late Night Artists of nTopaz.

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The daily curation cycle can be a real bummer when you are creating or curating in a very different timezone with the one that is the deadline. Always keep in mind that the beginning and end of the cycle is 12 at noon Korean Standard Time. If you have a problem keeping up with the time and you want to adjust your routine, the TimeandDate App is very handy. For me in Europe, the deadline is at 6 o clock in the morning, that's a real bummer.It means that i cannot see the artworks uploaded the last 6 hours at the platform and so when i wake up at the morning i am surprised and sad to see really good artworks not receiving the attention deserved. These are the underrated artworks and since half of the curation team is based on Europe, we highly suggest for artists to upload their artworks early enough so that can receive the maximum of attention from the community.

Some of these artists are regular and so i decided to name them The Late Night Artists and in this post present three recent underrated gems.

The Eagle of Soul by @artbyadida.

A portrait of the singer Charles Edward Bradley illustrated like a poster and with a powerful combination of colours. It is very eye catchy and i always like that Adida includes the title in the artwork and plays around with motifs and typography.

Arya Stark by @abrahmatan.

My favourite GoT illustrator. After all the sadness, embarrassment and despair of the last season,it is quite refreshing to see Abrahma's colourful artworks. Arya is looking fierce and full of motion in this painting.

Window Light by @barbarabezina.

Barbara is an experienced photographer and illustrator. She experiments a lot with art and more than often uses herself as a model. In this one is playing with darkness and light in a symbolic way. The black and white was a very good choice to express the theme and the distortion emphasized more this journey between light and darkness in one's self.


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You always give best advices to artists George ! Great work !


Thank you for your kind words Liv, I hope I am helpful 😊

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Love the different styles.

Namaste, JaiChai