[CR] Sabrina - Digital Illustration

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ntopaz-image-0Hello! I already added color to this illustration inspired by sabrina.

As I mentioned earlier, I did the lineart in photoshop

for the color process, I also used the same program, first apply the base colors and copy the layer where the lineart is and edit the colors to highlight the outline lines on the cat.

Then, with a soft brush, add shadows and highlights to the body and with a fine brush, the shine of the hair, then use a brush mixer to attenuate the edges of the glitters and thus achieve a softer and more natural look.

After having the color ready in the illustration, I proceeded to draw the background with an irregular circular brush with shades of bluish gray and black, then I added the shadow with a soft brush.

To finish at the top of all the layers, I created a new layer in the blending mode to lighten, and fill that layer with a solid dark blue color and add small touches with the brush in light violet tones to highlight the light.

I hope you like it as much as the lineart c:

Thanks for the support! <3
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I have a black cat, so that did it for me :)
Great work

thank you, I have a gray cat haha

It's really too bad that curie doesn't come calling more often, because the lineart version was just as deserving. The color version gives it a distinct look, while the lineart version leaves more to the imagination to fill in while being very detailed in and of itself. Both are well done and so, as I said, worthy of the curie vote.

I haven't seen the Netflix version of the Sabrina saga, but I understand it's darker storytelling than Sabrina The Teenage Witch was on television back in the late 90s, early 2000s. I suppose that's due to the times we live in more than anything else. Even the Archie comics characters are darker!

Thank you very much, I am glad you liked the 2 versions, in the netflix series the characters are more charismatic and fun, but it is a good series, I highly recommend it, it is inspired by comics that seem to be very dark.

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Hi genyway,

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The image turned out great! What all programs did you use for the editing and coloring? Was it all done through Adobe Cloud?

For sure going to follow you, I want to see what other great artwork you post!

This is a cool illustration. I love how it all came together after blending the whole colors in. The colors made all the details pop.

She looks quite interesting. Her face looks cute and the cat she is holding really does compliment it. The horn on her head kinds of distracts one from her cute face, though....

Cool painting! How long did it take you to get it done?

I'm glad you like it, it takes 2 days to do it, but about 5 hours a day, I'm a little slow drawing

Such a cool painting. But I bet you are happy this isn't Facebook right now. First, you got a really nice upvote. Second, no one is giving you a hard time for drawing a Satanic mark. 😈

Well done and congratulations on being picked up by @curie!

hank you very much <3

Lovely and cute!!!!

Thank you <3

Your colour certainly improves the picture substantially :D. Nice pose and expression and the cat is lovely and has a cute curling tail.
Congrats for your curie vote ^_^.

thank you very much, it's good that you liked the color <3

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ME ENCANTA ahhhhh🌵

Gracias <3

This Goth girl approves!

thank you <3

great drawing skills! thanks for sharing your art talent, will wait for the next one

Sabrina the teenage witch had not been so popular since the Melissa J. Heart series ended. It looks fabulous in this version of Netflix. your illustration is great. Salem's eyes are beautiful

Howdy from Texas genyway! What a striking piece. I love the rich colors and shading, very powerful image she presents, great job!

I love that the eyes of the cat match the color scheme ;) That red tone that you used is stunning! I could imagine it on the lipstick or nail polish ;)

Very nice illustration - Sabrina is a naughty girl ;)

Thank you for sharing!

Te felicito es una ilustración bellísima ¿Es muy difícil el programas que usaste para editar y colorear? Gracias por compartir esta hermosa ilustración, ¡Cuéntame! ¿Cómo te sentiste con el voto curie? un cariñoso abrazo.

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