Drawing of Girl Redhead.

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Hi everyone, how are you?

This is my second entry to the Gif Contest, sponsored by ntopaz. I chose another girl, this time I made her with red hair. Already in previous occasions I had made drawings of redheads, this is because I love that hair color, I see an image with the hair of that color, I get excited and I want to paint it even if it is something difficult. Maybe in another life I was redhead, because I do not explain myself because I have this reaction, maybe in the future I can dye my hair that color, I do not know, what do you think?

Well, here I present the process in a Gif.

IMG X.gif

IMG 2.png

❢Technical Information:❢

  • Materials I used:
    Color Pencils: Faber Castell, Paper-Mate, Norma, and Prismacolor.
    Graphite pencil scale 2H y 8B.
    Sheet of white thread, dimensions 125 mm x 206 mm.
    Fine brush N° 0
    Cold paint white color.
  • Total time to do the work:
    Approximately 3 hours.
  • Photography:
    For the photos I used a samsung galaxy s3 mini gt-i8190.
    To make the Gif, I used Adobe Photoshop.
  • Other tools:
    To see the image I'm painting, I use a tablet called Canaima.

IMG 1.png

Photographs taken during the drawing process.

Step 1:

IMG B.jpg

Step 2:

IMG II.jpg


Step 3:


Step 4:

IMG IV.jpg


Step 5:

IMG C.jpg

Final drawing:

IMG V.jpg


Presentation of the drawing:

IMG A.jpg

Oh! and here you can see the original image so you can compare it with my drawing.

IMG X.png

Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved

I invite you to participate in the Gif contest, Here I leave the link: https://www.ntopaz.com/contest/51/


I hope you enjoyed!

I say goodbye dear friends, I want to thank you for all your support and for being here. A kiss and a big hug for everyone. Blessings.

Until next time!

"To be happy, we have to start loving ourselves and our work!"



You did a great job with her skin color and her hair is absolutely stunning! I can see that you are passionate about this color :) Oh, and I always wanted to have such hair :) And those freckles of course!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote! You really deserved it for this one!

Hi @delishtreats! I'm happy to receive a comment from you, and I really love that hair color, it's good that you liked it.

Hi francisftlp,

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This is great! thank you very much for the support, I'm happy about that.
Hugs and kisses.

This is nice, I must say the little girl itself is so pretty in the real picture.
Then your skills topped up the gif that came up. Awesome work :)

Hey, thank you very much for your comment, and I agree with you the girl is very pretty, that's why I chose her to draw her.

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Hey @c-squared, Thanks for the support.

wow amazing draw

Hey @electru, I invite you to participate.

Beautiful work, it looks like a original.
I'm glad you show us the steps of your work. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks for being here, I'm glad you like my work.


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from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Amazing! Thank you very much, the cake looks delicious. Greetings.

Lovely work! Looks older on drawing thou ;)

Hi @megy.fine.arts, I had not realized, you're right.
Thanks for comment.

Beautiful copy of the photo!

Amazing work. Congratulations.
Solid technique. The result was very expressive and intense.
I also like red hair. I guess it has to do with how rare that color is.
Cool GIF. Is there a tutorial to make one like this ?
I have no diea how to

Hello, I am very happy that you liked my drawing, and I have no idea if there is a tutorial, they explained it to me in person, I'm sorry for not helping you.

woooo, nenaaaa esto esta maravilloso. felicidadessss

Hey @artmedina, muchas gracias.

Hey Hello. I'm impressed. It is a very realistic result. nice hair color. I like red too. I used to invest time drawing but not anymore... I'm in love with the blue eyes and lips. they look very realistic. well done francis

Bad that you do not spend time in drawing, drawing is incredible. Greetings, thanks for commenting.

Hello @francisftlp, congratulations, you did a great job with this drawing, it looks so real. Those blue eyes go very well with her red hear and her face expression is lovely. The original photo is lovely as well.
I'm learning to draw and miss it terribly as there's no time for drawing any more. maybe one day :)