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Hi everyone!

This drawing I did a few days ago, and I was so eager to show how amazing it was, I am very happy about the result, and I enjoyed doing every detail, although it took me 2 days to draw, when I usually only took a few hours.

I like to draw babies, because they have very surprising characteristics during their first years. For example: children have a technically large and rounded head, so drawing a child is very different from drawing an adult. but there is also another thing that is interesting in them; Their eyes are big, sweet and tender, in short, they are very charming, and that in a drawing is an advantage, because it attracts people.

Finished drawing:

IMG AA.jpg


❢Materials I used:❢

Color Pencils: Faber Castell, Paper-Mate, Cores and Prismacolor.

Graphite pencil 2H.

Sheet of white thread, dimensions 121 mm x 207 mm.


Here is the drawing process I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Step 1: Realization of the sketch, in this case I used a grade 2H graphite pencil.

IMG A1.jpg


Step 2: In this step I started painting that great right eye of the girl, the secret to make them look so flashy, are the lights and the big iris. I also started painting the skin with shades of brown, light pink, black and a little yellow.

IMG A2.jpg


Step 3: I painted the entire face, using the colors from the previous step.

IMG A3.jpg


Step 4: Here I painted the beautiful and tender hands of the girl, also using the same colors, but darker.

IMG A4.jpg


Step 5: In this step I painted the clothes with violet color, their shoulders and chest with brown color, light pink, black and a little yellow.

IMG A5.jpg


Step 6: and we reached the last step, where I spent a lot of time painting the fabric of the head due to the details, for this I used a green, brown, beige and black tone. Finally, paint the background.

IMG A6.jpg


Here I show the process in a GIF animation


and here I show other drawings that I made of baby portrait

IMG B.jpg

IMG B1.jpg

IMG B2.jpg

IMG B3.jpg

Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved


I appreciate that you have read my publication, I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful drawing. You can support my work with upvote, follow or refeem, I will be totally grateful. You can also leave your comments, I would love to know what you think of my work.

Blessings steemit.

Until next time!


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I love your drawing, it looks very cute. ;)

Beautiful eyes, very good details! Very work! :)

You managed to capture the baby pretty well, Francis. The face is especially nicely done :).

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Your drawing is so real.
I congratulate you.

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Fantastic Drawing 🙂👍

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You did a great job with this one. I love its eyes and the face is very nicely done too!

You good in baby portrait @francisftlp. Others always said, you need to draw with love, because the drawing would show your love and it turn out nice. And you did it, because of love baby, that's why all your babies portrait were beautiful.

Lovely art and a great post. I love that you show the process. All of your artwork of babies and children are obviously created with a lot of love!