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ntopaz-image-0I'm thinking a lot about Bangkok these days since I will travel to Thailand for STEEMfest in November.

I took this photo a couple of years ago while in traffic going to the airport. This taxi was next to my taxi barely moving for what seemed like a week, but was more likely 30 minutes. Luckily taxi fares are extremely cheap in Bangkok.

I rarely used taxis in Bangkok as the public transport is even cheaper, much quicker, reliable, and clean. But sometimes it will not do, especially when dragging heavy luggage.

"You are welcome" is a phrase Thai people know. They use in the sense of, "We are glad you are here" not as a reply to a thank you. In a place where little English is spoken, I found this phrase to be very touching. Random people said it to me in passing, and people I knew well said it with great emotion and meaning.

I am often asked how I could live somewhere for over two years when I did not speak the language, and no one spoke mine. Thailand is "The Land of Smiles" for good reason, and this was really all I needed to get along.

The ox cart below the message on this taxi is the traditional method of transport for goods and people before cars and trucks came along. I saw a lot of these carts when living in Northen Thailand for a few months of my time there. But now the carts are used in architecture instead of as vehicles. I sat in quite a few of these carts, but they weren't move and provided shade instead.

I used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for this photo.

This is my second entry for the nTopaz Black and White Photography Contest running until 03:00 UTC 13 June 2019. We are allowed three entries to each contest and I will be getting mine in. How about you? Convert a few of your photos to Black and White, and you can enter too!

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I wonder how long you are over there and if you really do not speak a single word.

It is the first time I hear public transport is clean.

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Howdy fitinfun! You only needed to know one phrase to live in Thailand? That's amazing!

I barely spoke in Thailand for over two years. Coming to Malaysia where they mostly do speak English was culture shock!

Oh I see, yes and a good one! I think Malaysia is amazing from all the different posts I've seen about it!

I love Malaysia and it is nothing like Thailand. I have been to about 5 other countries on Visa trips and none of them are alike.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

But Malaysia is your favorite? Because?

I would not say favorite. I love all the places I have been in this area - all for different reasons. Kuala Lumpur has great weather, air, food, and people. So far, so good :)

That's so great to hear fitinfun, sounds like the kind of place to love!