"Como mirarte" (Cover) @eugelys

in ntopaz •  13 days ago

Hello nTOPAZ Community! I hope you shine a lot!

I love this song by Sebastian Yatra, it's the kind of song I love to sing with a mixture of sweetness and passion that makes me very excited when I sing it. It is called "Como olvidarte" which means **How to forget you"
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do singing it
and that I can give you a little bit of what I feel every time I sing!❤

A hug! ❤


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¡Definitivamente magnífico como todo lo que tú grabas y subes a cualquier plataforma dios! ¡Me encanta! Gracias por traernos tan buen contenido musical señorita, definitivamente eres lo máximo.

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Aaaw muchísimas gracias por toda la motivación que me das con tus comentarios :)

I can not understand the lyric but I can feel this song through your beautiful voice @eugelys

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I am glad you can feel the emotion <3 Thanks for your support <3


My pleasure @eugelys

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Thanks a lot!

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You have a very beautiful voice:)


Thanks <3!!!