Avatar Korra

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I think pretty much everyone agrees that The Last Airbender is the "better' Avatar series, but give me Legend of Korra every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I just enjoyed seeing her trimphs and falls more than Ang's. I liked her impetuousness and self assurance even when it came back to bite her. Season 3 is probably one of my favorite seasons of any show ever and I think that, ultimately, it will be remembered more fondly as time goes by general fandom

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Oooh Nice!!! 💎

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Good art.... Looks like she is Ninja!

Never really saw this series, but I have friends who are really into Korra XD I love her dynamic pose and how her eyes are glowing ! She looks so powerful and a girl not to be messed with :)

She looks great, she's ready to fight!
I like the background.
I admit that I have never seen this series, but judging by your drawing I see that it is a great character.

She looks powerful in this drawing, and I bet she is since she's the main character. I like the dynamic pose and the mountains in the background. Lovely =).

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I've never heard of this series but I might look it up as I do like your illustration. I like her pose and her muscles. There will be one day when I'll have such muscles too :) Long way to go.. :)

The mountains in the back look great too!

Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend!