A new sketch for a New Dogs in chairs

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ntopaz-image-0Here is a section of the WIP sketch:

The Entire piece, you can see it will be two dogs, two chairs.


Italian Greyhounds are one of my favourite dogs

having had a few in my life and even breeding them, they are always close to my heart.

I haven't decided on a colour story yet or a background pattern.

At this stage I am simply laying out a general composition

and you can see with the dog on the right that I have gone in to start adding detail. Much of the sketch detail may go away when it gets it's final Graphic design layout.

I love to sketch

and messing with details and shadow is important even if they disappear somewhat in a black and white ink or a graphic colour version. If I decide to use the sketch again in a digital oil, then I'll be happy for the detail and shadow.

I have been very busy of late

as I know many of you have. I have noticed I am not the only one not getting to a post each day. It is most like a busy time for all.

I have another long list today, so will be making this a very short post.

However, using my morning tech time for my sketching was more fruitful.

And having spent last night and early this morning on this idea/layout/beginning sketch was better use for my time then trying to write a longer post I feel.

My joy with Steemit is getting to share my art in process

there is a feeling of accomplishment being able to send out my half finished 'children' into the digital world to be shared. I think many of us feel this way.

Steemit really is a haven for artists

it allows us to life our heads from our drawing tables/computers/easels and say, "Hey, this is what I've done so far, what'd ya think?" And I like that about this platform.

Luckily today the wind has ceased, the sun is out and I can get to my long list, some of which involves my being outside.

I hope all of you get some good weather and a moment to enjoy it.

I hope your day is either filled with sun or if rain, then I wish you cozy fire and corner to curl up and read and dream.

As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

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Many years back i was trying to draw like that. I used to go to classes but to be honest just now i felt i actually learned more than back then in the many hours. The different techniques used in both chairs show me how you can get to your result step by step not just in your first run. I can now imagine where this may go and i hope you share that sometime soon.

Also i dont think it is important to "deliver" every day here. We will remember you and appreciate your skill and artistic work will find eyes in admiration. Such as mine!

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Thanks @gunnarheilmann and I do sometimes worry when I'm not able to be present each day. But, it is true that as long as we make our time here matter that's more important.

yes very nice sketch well done! Ciao cara!

Fascinating. I love your sketch. Following you now. Edit: I guess I already was following you ❤

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retrospective and memorized! dim line of the sketch makes this more fascinating. Unfinished undone image becomes another image wonderful. Today I know the dog has a character like human being. Your work spreads all scent of the valuables. Thank you so much ~~

So those chairs are made out of bark? :P @regularowl give cookie

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SHAZAM: called by @mathowl

Great! I love so much the Italian Greyhounds, they are always so elegant <3

The start of another cool piece of art, I am looking forward to seeing more of it

I always admire how you use such interesting posing with your animals- and do such a great job of it! I can't wait to see how this one finishes, although I just love the sketch on it's own!
You're right- everyone is busy, but Steemit truly is a haven for artists. I've been inspired to post again since I've been back at the bench making things... it's very satisfying to write about the process and get feedback-- especially when learning a new craft like I am now!
Cheers! :)