My Painting of Ivan the Dog and Bathroom Dilemmas

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Here is the thumbnail again, as sometimes it's resolution is odd when I post through @ntopaz

The entire painting

A close up of Ivan's adorable face, using touches of white, pink and blue to create his unique visage.

I was thinking of calling this piece a Study in Yellow and Blue

as in many ways it is that. Using warm ochre/yellow tones with touches of pink to recede against the cooler Blues of the shadows and duvet roses. This of course is the opposite of the use of these colours, you want cool blue to recede into the background and the warm tones to move forward. Yet, against darker umber and golds they still pop.

I have been missing England and my Friends there of late.

And of course, Ivan the Dog is on top of the list of whom I'm missing. He is an intelligent little fellow who is the best rambler. He loves a good walk and sits so patiently at coffee houses and tea shops whilst his humans sip espressos or guzzle pots of tea and look out at English countryside views.

I am certain he is now amusing his humans as I type this.

My current status with Life is rather hectic and a bit of a kerfuffle. I have not had it in me yet to write about the fiasco that has become the bathroom rehab. The new builder handyman destroyed the place then left. @winstonalden and I are learning more about installing beadboard, cutting 45 degree angle joints for crown moulding and installing floors. Thank Heavens our plumber is and has always been a good guy who shows up on time, does the job well, and asks reasonable rates.

We are having to let Toad Hall this Summer.

It won't be all bad, as we'll still be here, but it's just another time in my life that if an improvement is made in my surroundings it is to be for the joy of others. Our current bathroom was pretty bad, but we'd put up with it; paying guests would not. So, here we are, having to do it ourselves and still possibly pay the builder for some of his labour despite our having to redo some of it.

This year has given me some twists and turns I was not expecting

but again, my favourite saying is: If you want to make God laugh: Make a Plan. And any plans I had last year are now quite vastly changed, thanks to events I've not control over, but is that not life?

We have our memories and our hopes to get through the rough bits.

Recalling the fun of last year and dreaming of new Hopes for an uncertain year can be a sort of sustenance when we are in the midst of some struggle. It is a fine tool to help one through anything.

It is an overcast day today, comfortably cool

so I shall have the energy to lay the floor and begin the baseboard. I'll make moments to add more plants to my garden, also for the benefit of guests, but surely still for the joy of one's hands in the soil.

I hope all of you have a good day and if you hit a rough patch, think of the fond days of your past and dream up some possible new good memories in your future.

As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

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Suddenly Renoir came to me. All white but nose :)) You catch the light at the exact time you want. So the Painting looks timingly gorgeous. Behind the painting, you were so happy and pleased with your pet. Even though I can't see it, I can imagine. The color explains everything, tone also, mood also. As a one spot of the image, this is so deep and emotional. Wanna see more ~~

Thank you so kindly @trueimagine and really honoured by the Renoir comparison. I love that time period and those painters, they are my true inspiration.

I had not seen his drawings, I've been a little lost lately. It is great to see your work, I like the colors you have chosen, the brushstrokes throughout the drawing give a little texture to the drawing, that touch of light that you have done very well, the eyes look very tender.

I'm sorry you're losing some of your friends and I hope your garden looks nicer.

Thanks @yanes94 Me too , a little lost :/

I see your closeups and still refuse to believe it’s not a photo 😝

What is it with bathrooms mine needs redoing as the floor is caving in (it’s an ancient house though). I’ve not been consulted at all as to how it’s going to go, father in law and friend made all the decisions and I’m not happy but not allowed to complain due to the much cheaper cost resulting from us doing most of the work and friend providing a lot of material, kids are absolutely devastated about losing their bathtub though 🤣

Hope your bathroom woes resolve well 🙃

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Thanks @ryivhnn I try to include a large file to show the brush strokes, but I'm not really sure how to make it so it enlarges like the old steemit days :/ The trick of the eye to see smudges and create an image, the magic of art and science :)

I'll share the sketch and some underpainting another day, too busy today :)

From the thuimbnail I thought it was a real dog, such a lifelike painting this is incredible work

Good luck with the work in the house, and as for plans we all need to make them but we also have to fully expect to be flexible as most plans change due to events and time