😁 Sketch for tattoo 😎🖤 "Proud hawk" 🦅

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3Hello to all! 😊🧡
Today I will not hold tutorials. I just want to share with you my tattoo sketch. This is an order from one of my good friends. He asked me: "Oksana, will you be able to draw a sketch of a tattoo for me? I want to make a hawk with a pointed arrow in its neck and a broken part of that arrow in its claws." 🦅

I liked this idea. He wanted a dotwork tattoo.

I decided to combine the two techniques:
watercolor 💜
dotwork 🖤

Hawks have always been characterized as hunters who are known for their excellent concentration skills. How a hawk seeks its goal, how stubborn it is in its mission, how an object catches up, inspires in most people. Using a hawk tattoo, a person expresses a desire to be free, to independently manage his time and his life. The ancient Egyptians correlated this bird with aspiration and enthusiasm, because it was not without reason that it was given the opportunity to fly towards the sun itself, without blinking and squinting. 🤗

In addition, these birds throughout their life give birth to only one pair, so the tattoo hawk can also be considered a symbol of loyalty and love. 😘

How do you? What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments, I'm very interested. 🤔

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What a great creativity you have in translating her ideas into such a representative drawing for your friend, as she will have it on her skin for the rest of her life. I consider that the falcons are the best hunters that exist, they have a perfect aim at the time of catching their prey, in addition their concentration is so good that in a single attempt they achieve what was promised. Many are the people who are tattooed this animal icon to consider it very loyal and protective for them, in my case symbolize love and firmness. Great artist that you are, you really look very good drawing, I hope your friend this very happy.


It's a good design, sure your friend liked it too. You interpreted and represented very well what your friend wanted, which is sometimes difficult when placing an order. The bird is very dynamic and looks as if it were at high speed. The details of the wings are fantastic.
Great job Curly !.

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Nice work love it.

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a work well prepared with a lot of precision in the small details you made a good art, I congratulate you for your creativity

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