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nTOPAZ is a platform where the love for art is reflected in each of the entries that users share there, from photographs to illustrations, from crafts to music and dance. The different types of art that are shared in the community day by day make this platform a special meeting place for anyone who wants to show their artworks, find inspiration in wonderful people, participate in contests every week and receive rewards for the development of their skills.

Although the best part of all, is finding a place where everyone will appreciate your talent and effort.

Currently we're part of the nTOPAZ team, as coordinators, so we're generally there to guide and support users. However, on many occasions when someone wants to join the platform, their first encounter with the interface of the page can be a bit confusing, because of this we have decided to create a guide on how to publish an entry.

Steps to join and publish in nTOPAZ

  • The first thing to do is to enter the page of nTOPAZ
  • Once there, you will see the following interface (In the upper right corner you will see the button to login):


  • When you click on login, the platform will redirect you to Steemconnect where you can login using your Steemit username and the active key.


  • One that you login to your nTOPAZ account, in the lower right corner you will find the button to post.


  • When you enter the option to post, the next thing you will find is the page where you must upload the images or link of your entry defining the type of file (Video or Image), the category (CO, CR or CU), the Tag of your category and the right ratio for your image.


  • When loading the images of your post, you must define the order of the carruce of the images (When you have more than one image loaded and taking care that the main image will be the number one "1"). If you have made a mistake and want to reorder the carrucel, you can click on the "Clear" option. When you'll be pressing the Next option you will go to the last one publication phase.


  • In this last part, you can make sure you have chosen the correct category, that your images have the correct ratio, enter the title (In English), the description of your artwork, the publication tags (the same of steemit) and you can finish publishing in the "Upload" button.


We will glad that you join in the community and share with us the wonderful experience of being part of the biggest platform for artists.

Don't forget to read the rules of the community and remember with nTOPAZ shine your light.


We hope you enjoyed our plubication. If you have something to add or any doubt, you will comment and we will respond as soon as possible with a smile.

Greetings, from this side of the world, @cafeconleche.

If you want to know more about nTOPAZ, join to our discord.

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Feeling helpful platform.So basically we can share our art work here??
Thanks for your information.

Thanks for introducing nTOPAZ 😍 I've Upvoted this post and also used jcarvoting tokens. Have a nice day 🤗

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Thanks a lot @Joeypark 💙 We hope that you have a nice day too 🤗

This is such a helpful post, i am sure a lot of artists will find very useful:)

Thanks dear George💙 We hope that.

Yeeeh! esto es buena información, les doy mi super voto de 0.001PAL \O,

Hahahah tu apoyo siempre nos hace felices, querido Elison 💙


Sounds super and s bit complicated but will check that out

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We hope you like🤗

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Thank you for the helpful information! I have one question- What I can do with nTopaz tokens?

that's what you will can do in the future with ntopaz token plus those features will be implemented soon check what i am talking about here:

[nTOPAZ Coordinator]

Introduction to nTOPAZ · nTOPAZ Posting Guidelines [EN][KR][ES]
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Thanks for the reply, @cityofstars 🤗