Kiki delivery service ( Fan art )

in #ntopaz5 years ago

ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4ntopaz-image-5ntopaz-image-6ntopaz-image-7ntopaz-image-8ntopaz-image-9"魔女の宅急便" better known as "Kiki's delivery service" It's a Japanese movie from Studio Ghibli. This is about the tradition of witches dictates that: when they turn 13 years must leave the house of their parents in search of a city where their skills are required, and stay there for a year. In this way, Kiki will begin the path that will lead her to become a witch once and for all. She makes this trip with her friend Jiji, a very nice black cat, and mounted on her flying broom. Her initial journey will take her to settle in a maritime city where she will begin to know the world and to know herself. During her journey she will meet great friends such as Tombo or Osono.

On this occasion I decided to make a "Fan art" about this film, because I found it very beautiful, with a fluid and clean animation, warmongering backgrounds and a very interesting story.

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Sos un genio en el arte digital, yo lo unico es powerpoint je je je.

Que bien chico, yo soy aficionada al arte pero no en ese nivel soy modelo antiguo a lapiz.

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