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Greetings friends!

Today, finally, I finished giving color to the sketch I did on one of the many nights when I work late in front of the computer. I felt as if I was immersing myself in my coffee cup, the stupor was so deep that it hypnotized me. If you were daydreaming, without any sense of time.

Also to participate in the ART EXPLOSION WEEK 56: Theme UNCONVENTIONAL NUDES contest, organized by @juliakponsford.

To participate Here

I hope you like it!


1 white sheet A2- HB graphite pencil- Black ballpoint- Colored pencils-Erase-Sharpener.

Drawing Process

1. I made the sketch of the drawing with a HB graphite pencil and then I made some shadows like that of the cup and the hair.



2. In this step I colored the coffee with a black and dark brown pencil.


3. To make the face apply violet colors to make the shade and skin color for all the rest and the orange pencil for your cheeks, for the lips pink and mixed with orange and blue eyes.




4. Then for the cup and the smoke use light gray and dark gray colors.


5. For hair make many lines with the pen and black and then apply also in the form of dark green and light green lines.



6. To finish the drawing I sharpened my colors (dark blue, black, fuchsia and purple) and with my fingers I blend, to give the effect that it has in the background.



Drawing step by step

Presentation of the Drawing


Copyright @ akarantain- All rights reserved

¡Thank you to the entire Community for your Great Support and the happiness you bring as you follow me and visit my Post!


Hmmm.... take a bath in coffee.... will it be good for skin? hahaha!


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

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Hahaha! says they are good for good fortune !! :) Thanks for visiting my post dear @catwomanteresa!!!

Hey! It is a beautiful creation, your creativity is very attractive, I like the effect achieved of the hair ...

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Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment and support!


Hola estimada @akarantain! Nos hace muy felices que estés compartiendo tu arte y todo tu talento a través de la plataforma de nTOPAZ, nosotras respetamos y admiramos tus trabajos.

Sin embargo, en la plataforma de nTOPAZ no están permitidos los desnudos, son clasificados como contenido explicito y pueden llevarte a ser sancionada. Por favor, te invitamos a leer las Reglas de la comunidad para evitar futuros malentendidos.

Esperamos seguir viendo más de tus trabajos. Eres una joven muy talentosa.

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Mis más sinceras disculpas a la comunidad de nTOPAZ, estaré atenta a las reglas, y gracias por apreciar mi trabajo estimada @cafeconleche!

oh no te preocupes querida, nosotras sabemos que no fue intencional.

I really like this job @akarantain, I just hope that your girl does not burn. XD

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Thank you very much appreciated @yanes94 for the support, I value your comment very much!! :)

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Thank you very much for your valuable support !!!

Muy bonito, me gusta esa taza de café, muy original amiga, felicidades

Thanks a lot friend!!!

Quelle imagination et quel talent. Voilà du café à consommer sans modération 🤪

Hahaha !!! Merci !! :)

Tú sumergida en el café :3

Thanks for visiting my post and for the support!!

Dear GoD this is awsome!!

en verdad amiga eres fantastica!!! WOW!!!!

Are you mad or something? Why you didn't use nsfw tag? My younger brother tagged me to show this, how embarrassing it was! 🤦

My deepest apologies! already place the label

Thank you dear, hope you don't mind for my words!

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