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Artisteem Posting GuideLines

The Artisteem is a talented based social talent-contents platform that began with the belief that we will feel truly happy when our natural talents are fully developed and released, and when we find our identity through them.
In order to keep the original intent, we would like to define the nature of this platform's contents and keep it fair and healthy.
We hope everyone involved will work together to meet this original purpose and goal. Thank you for your sympathy and cooperation.

1. Service Language

The Artisteem aims for a global platform with talents from around the world. As a rule, write the content title and profile in English.
In addition, Google translation service is to be provided for descriptions or comments. Therefore, you'll be able to use your own language.(from Dec., after renewal)

2. Content Category

The Artisteem's content category is all about artist-centric talent, including images and photos, as well as content that is later implemented in videos.

2-1. Art
2-2. Design
2-3. Photo
2-4. Music(After renewal)
2-5. Dance(After renewal)
2-6. Entertainment(After renewal)

3. Platform Configuration

The Artisteem platform consists of contest and general-creation and curation.

3-1. Contest[CO]: Competition and awarding methods for a given period of time through a set theme
3-2. General-Creation[CR]: Entries free creative activities regardless of theme
3-3. Curation[CU]: Introductory Artwork( Specify the origin and creator and appreciation is mandatory )

4. Ranking Score Calculation Criteria

Entries are scored and ranked according to the Artisteem's criteria.

4-1. Score Configuration: 1 Respect = 2 points, 1 SBD = 10 points, 1 comment = 1 point
4-2. Calculation Criteria: Voting bot, External voting and Self-voting are not included in the scoring

★ Self-voting is allowed and will be excluded only when calculating the ranking score.

5. Voting Evaluation Criteria

For outstanding works, the Artisteem has a reward for creation and curation.

5-1. Contest winners get separate rewards 100 STEEM in total
5-2. Ninety percent (90%) of the total voting power expendable for the day will be supported in CO,CR, and CU.
5-3. Ten percent (10 %) of the total voting power expendable for the day will be supported for outstanding comments

★ Evaluation Criteria: Ranking score (50%) + Inside of Artisteem review (50%)

6. Plagiarism and Copyright

For the curations, the origin and the creator must be specified, and above all, your appreciation is mandatory.
If you are quoting some of the contents, you must indicate a quotation mark.

※ Please bear in mind that the curator is responsible for all legal liabilities in case of copyright infringement.

7. Quality of content

The Artisteem is a content platform that empowers and inspires talented people by developing their talents through good competition and sharing beautiful works.
Therefore, the works submitted must meet the following content management standards.

7-1. Contest entries are limited to your own creations.
7-2. Curation entries must specify the original creator, source and review.
7-3. Entries that are not related to the subject of the contest are limited.
7-4. Do not upload not safe for work content: this includes sexually explicit images, excess violence, politically oriented art, and gore.
7-5 Memes and irrelevant posts are not allowed.
7-6. Do not use low-quality images, photos, and screenshots.

  • Please note that content that violates the above standards may be blinded on the Artisteem platform, and activities on Artisteem may be limited.


The Artisteem manages the blacklist to maintain a fair, high-quality community platform.
[see below cases]

  1. Repeated plagiarism of content
  2. Keep uploading low-level content
  3. Repeatedly post comments such as copy & paste, etc.
    Even if you are blacklisted, you can still use our platform (posting, upvoting, and commenting), however, you won't be able to get upvoted by Artisteem for 30 days.
    If you receive "permanent blacklist" status, you are not be elligiable to receive Artisteem's upvotes indefinately.

※ These guidelines are applied and implemented from Oct.26, 2018.

※ These guidelines were updated on 11-21, 2018

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sir i used your name as my post tag. please follow my post.



Do not use low-quality images, photos, and screenshots.

@kretorkk please read the curation guidelines again.

Congratulations! Changes have been noticed and have really been to improve. It is good to have detailed and official information. I love that you care about platform's good use and that you promote interaction among participants. In addition, being able to write comments in my language (Spanish), on Artisteem platform. Great!


Thanks for your continued support! Keep creating art 🎨

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Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

You should blacklist @biomanu as they are plagiarising images. Those don't deserve your votes and make Steemit look bad.


Noted, thanks for reporting.


It's a shame some people abuse schemes like yours. I hope you can work with the community to deal with them


Thank you for your input. We will work harder to provide a better environment.

@artisteem Team, From this post for sure you've gave an clear picture how you want to develop the Creativity and that also on Global Levels. And in my opinion in this world we see great artists but one thing is unfortunate aspect and that is everyone never gets the same platform to showcase their true art work. But i believe that Blockchain Technology have the power to break this hurdles where we avoid the censorship and everyone holds the right of Equal Participation. And what i liked about the ARTISTEEM Platform is, it's boosting the artworks on Daily Basis and that's vital and boosting aspect.

And when we talk about the particular platform then the most important segment is Communication. And no matter how good one platform is if the Teamlacks the Communication then that aspect directly impacts the Engagement Levels by the users. But I've get familiar with the ARTISTEEM team in recent days but i can say that team is reachable and encouraging towards the Engagement Levels. And last but not the not the least, i am really waiting for the next Contest to bring out my work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂


Thank you very much @chireerocks !
Thank you for your encouragement. We also plan to continue our efforts to improve the gaps.
In particular, in order to strengthen the communication you mentioned, we are looking for a variety of areas, including opening up a community including Dicord and rewarding comments.
We look forward to your continued encouragement and advice in the future.


Welcome Team. Keep up the great work and have a great time ahead. 🙂

Your support is highly appreciated!


Hello, @whornung
Thank you for your active participation!

Hello, we are writing to you this way because we have had a problem with our last publication for the autumn paintings competition. We uploaded our post and sent us an error saying that it could not be uploaded (over the internet) but when entering our blog Steemit was the publication, so we deleted it from the blog, but now it appears in Artisteem although it does not have an existing entry in Steemit . What can be done in this case? Thanks in advance for reading and greetings.

this is the artisteem link: http://www.artisteem.com/artwork/7460


Hello, @cafeconleche
Sometimes login maintenance function causes this error. At that time, If you try logout and re-login The error might be corrected
Why don’t you upload again aftre we deleted it in our platform. Thank you for your attention


Thank you very much, the error still appears, but we will be careful to upload our publication again. Thank you again 💗


Hello, @cafeconleche
I have deleted your work(Mysterious Autumn).
Please retry and upload your work once again. We are very sorry caused inconvenience to you.


Thank you very much, its awesome. We have already raised our design again.

Always a pleasure to greet you.

hello @artisteem I enjoy all the art that is in the artisteem tag ... I am very entertained ... even though I can't post. on the www.artisteem.com link

and I really hope for you ... for the contest winners, choose the one who participates in the link artisteem.

thank you @artisteem


Hello @artisteem team,

I have sent a message to your discord representative and another message to your representative's mentioned email. I was wondering if you have received the message?


Yes, got it.
I'll contact you after an internal meeting.
Thank you!


Thank you for the response @artisteem
I noticed that your team is now enforcing your curation guidelines. Reminding the authors to post their sources of art process improves the quality of posts being curated. It has been a prevalent problem that some art works have been found out plagiarized. A lot of accounts in the platform have been using your tag without regard for your curation guidelines. I appreciate the extra work you have put into this matter.