[CR] tech & natu / original painting oil on board

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Oil on board, original painting

hi everyone, this is one of my oil painting which i used board instead canvas , it was nice working on it, had some nice textures , for this work i didn't use sand paper to make the surface of board smooth ,
technology and nature ,
i hope you like it , having some steps and details

while working


the surface , and first layers




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So beautiful! I love to use oil colors on board, the textures on this kind of surface are really interesting! 😉

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Very creative your painting dear @adelepazani, I like the technological part that you did. ;)

She is lovely. I used to use board quiet a bit when I was primarliy an oil painting artist. I found it a good surface and I liked how the paint built up on it.

I hope you are getting ready for a wondeful New year!

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Incredible.... This work look AMAZING! I vety like details and painting technique!