Acuario. Step by step (zodiacal sign illustration)

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ntopaz-image-0Hi everybody!

Really sorry If I have been a little bit out and I did not post until now, I have been so busy the last weeks. But have been working hard, drawing and planing some interesting projects too that I will tell to everyone soon.

For now I would like to share the process of this piece of art that represent Zodiacal Sign "Acuario". The last posts you have seen some artwork of a serie of all 12 zodiacal sign, this is a big project that I will tell you as soon as is going. Each illustration show a female character that explain the psicological aspect of this sign, also the long hair is blending with the univers where the respective constelation is located.

For this artwork I inspired by the fact that Acuario is the sign that represent the creativity itself. Acuario people are people that like to be excentric, they want to make thing really out of crowd, they break the rools and create a new tools for the humanity.

Here I show the gif animation step by step that is my favorite part of a post (is always magical to see how to build an image step by step). If you could not see it at ntopaz, check my post on steemit.


Hope to show more of this serie of artwork. The best weekend to all of you.

Media: Adobe Photoshoo and Wacom Bamboo.


I love this representation of this sign, especially how his hair imitates the waves of the ocean in a transitional way to show the constellation in the cosmos, I like the colors so bright and alive, but with those pastel tones that make it look like if it was painted in a traditional way, and also reflecting a before and after with the sketch, integrating the message of this work.
Congratulations @abrahmatan for doing such a good job, and I hope to continue wind more of your illustrations

Thanks @ini-jim I am glad that you like this artwork, I enjoy how you describe each aspect that you liked most in the composition. These 12 illustrations I am making have in common that all show a girl character with her psicological aspect own of the zodiac sign. it have been a challenge to make it, but it have turned out really nice. Thanks for your feedback! Have a great day my friend!

The color is so fantastic! It shows us the beauty of dream world. Odinary is the surface of the imagination. Thank you for sharing ~

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Your welcome! Thanks to take time to write me, It means a lot to me! :)

Welcome again @abrahmatan. XD

I love your illustration... it's really amazing, the way you played with the girl's hair seemed like a good idea and the tattoos are great too. I hope to see your next work in this series. <3 <3 <3

Good evening, I wish you the best in the projects you are working on. ;)

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Muchas gracias @yanes94 por tu buena receptividad con mi trabajo. Esta es una serie de ilustraciones zodiacales, hasta ahora han salido geniales! Pronto les mostraré los siguientes signos y proceso de elaboración! Maravilloso día para ti! Un abrazo!


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Keep up the great work!


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I could not miss this work, love your Zodiac collection. It is nice to see how you preparing the sketch and working through that, only then it becomes clear how difficult and how many steps you go through to the final result. Lovely work and beautiful colors :)

Thanks @stef1 to be so enthusiastic with this zodiac collection. In fact this artworks have turned out really nice. I already done the next illustrations, I am going to show it soon. Have a wonderfull day!

Amazing idea! I very like this work!

Thank you @sweettais I always glad to receive your comment! Best wish to you!

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