#NSFWChallenge WEEK 1: Butt. (Win ALL SBD this post earns)

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Hi, sweeties! Welcome to the premiere NSFW Challenge! We thought this would be a great opportunity to support NSFW Steemit community, offering enticing rewards and a chance for promoted your original content. My boyfriend and I were thinking about to make a nsfw contests. We're very happy and exciting for all new nsfw content on Steemit, it's very good and we hope keep up growing.

Well, we want dirty fun. So, we have created #NSFWChallenge.


  1. Upvoted this post. Resteem is optional.
  2. Don't forget include to title your post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 1.
  3. Submit photo of your butt. You can use your cellphone or camera. You choose!
  4. Put your entry's link in a comment for everyone check out.
  5. Only one entry for account.
  6. Pic must be yours, material downloaded from the internet is not allowed. We want only original content.
  7. Use "#NSFWChallenge" tag so we can locate all entries.
  8. Judges for the week 1: My boyfriend and I.
  9. Winning pic will be that makes us more horny.

Deadline to submit your entry.png

You have from now until next Saturday, March 31th at 11:59 pm. To make your post.


The winner of #NSFWChallenge WEEK 1 will be guest judges for week 2. We want make it fair, then we decided that winner of each week will be a judge of next challenge instead of participating.


ALL the SBD rewards this post makes for the winner! For example:



The winner will be announced on next Monday: 02/04/2018 into the post: #NSFWChallenge WEEK 2.


I will participate in all challenges.
Obviously I will not be the winner 💋

We can count on you? 💗


would love to participate if I wasn't such a chicken...

Do it, sugarpie! Show us your cheeks! 😘

Show us your peach ♥

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I put my photo on friday morning i need to wait until my period is finish ;(

We will wait for you and we know that it will be a great post. ♥

I'm so very happy to see you here. Thank yoooooooooouuuu!! 💖💖💖💖💖

I like this challenge, nice ass BTW. Oh yeah and I'm shy lol

I like too. I hope see many butts here 💕

You know you can absolutely count on me! I'll be back with a link in a couple of days - for now, resteeming <3

Yeeeeeeees, you're the best ♥♥ Thank you!


Here's my entry. I am taking part just for fun. Great challenge @persefone. I really like the initiative.

Thank youuuu! 💖 Love it.

I love challenges 😍 that’s an awesome idea. Now this is my entry:


Hi, sweet! That count like nsfw, but you should created a post for the contest following all rules ♥

Here ya go! Giving this a try. I upvoted and resteemed the contest post. :-) I put my verification pic in my post too.

I'm always happy to upvote & resteem fresh ideas for nsfw. Unfortunately I won't be entering the challenge though. Girlfriend is camera-shy and my ass has a bigger afro than I do.

We appreciate all support given to our nsfw community ♥ This #nsfwchallenge will be weekly, I hope you participate sometime. Thank you!

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