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Our home platform, BitShares is an amazing community where the independent projects friendly support each other like a family. There are a number of amazing projects being managed around the BitShares community, and the possible synergies make BitShares one of the most powerful and promising blockchains for global adoption.


As we already announced before, we started cooperating with Agorise, who are working hard on the Palmpay project, trying to create a robust POS network at merchant endpoints globally. NowCoin will be accepted at all Palmpay POS endpoints worldwide. We also closely cooperate with the EasyDEX cryptoexchange which is a great way to trade on the BitShares platform, and maintains solid USD and EUR fiat gateways. Besides, EasyDEX has an extremely fun community, we love these folks... :)

As we already mentioned in this article, the mobile wallet and trade platform has already listed our cryptocurrency, the NowCoin among its assets, which makes it unbelievably easy for users to send/receive/trade NowCoin on mobile.

We are happy to see the growing number of users, and we wish to motivate these traders to engage actively in the NowCoin community. Therefore we decided to airdrop existing wallet users with 3 free NowCoin. We hope this welcome present will lead users to engage with us, and discover what NowCoin is about. If the airdrop is successful, then we might repeat it later for future wallet users as well.

Below you may find a nice collection of documents, posts and videos which could be a great starting guide for Newcomers. Enjoy, have fun, grow and earn with us!

These are some interesting posts to start your journey with NowCoin:

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Join as a global adviser

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How to follow us

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

Our Vision video

The Game Video


You have me at 'working with 🌴pay'.

No airdrops for bitshares wallet users?

No widescale airdrops. We see that free coins are immediately dumped on the DEX which is not healthy. The NowCoin ecosystem shall have proper capitalization to attract merchant attention. Widescale mass airdrops mean no value. We wish to focus on attracting the attention of quality holders and investors who understand our vision and stay with us in building the ecosystem, with a price target of 12-15 BTS per NowCoin.
Bounties are a great tool to attract and build attention, but wide free giveaway works against the value of the evosystem.

Fair point to be honest!

I got some NowCoin from Tweeting ! I love this Game!


Love it that you love it :)

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