Noticing Newbies #1

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With so many users here now I keep thinking about how much harder it must be for those new to steemit than it was when I joined nearly a year ago. So I decided to start a regular post to give a shout out to some of the newbies that catch my eye each week.

@tishyaoedit is a surface pattern designer who joined us here in June. I'm thoroughly enjoying going back through her posts which show us how she makes her colourful mark in the world, from glimpses of her sketch pad to showing us each stage of the design process.

@dandesign86 has been with us since June and has been playing with the steemit logo making some great variations and designs some of which we are free to use (I used one of them in the header for this post), as well as designing a steemit smart lamp that allows you to set goals and tracks your progress towards them at a glance.

As a yarn addict and I can't help but get excited when I find a fellow fiber artist so have to give @creative-life a shout out. She has put together a great little collection of articles for anyone interested in knitting and has published them in English and German. If you have ever wanted to learn now is the time to follow her as she is starting a series of articles covering the basic knitting stitches.

Have you ever looked at a yoga mat and thought "hey that would make a great hat!" me neither but cosplayer @darxide403 did and the results are fantastic. Being a whovian myself I was particularly impressed with his collection of popular culture
steampunk mini hats. I can't wait to see what else he has in lined up for us.

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.

If you've found an interesting newbie or two tell me about them in the comments, they might make it onto next weeks list.

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Indeed these are beautiful discoveries. I will follow you because I like to discover people unknown with talent. Thank you and good job.

So nice of you, I will check them out :)

@neumannsalva joined just a few days ago. Her upbeat attitude and her seemingly freelance soul has me intrigued as to what she will post next.


Ooooh and she's another yarn addict. thanks for pointing her out.


I wanted to recommend her as well. She is very friendly and helpful!

I like what you're doing. The people mentioned have good stuff to offer!


There are so many great newbies about at the moment it was tough to pick just four.

This is a great idea. As someone who's been away for a while because of work and come back to steemit, I have seen a big change. I mainly come here for the creative articles and there are a couple on here that really caught my eye and I will be giving them a follow. Thank you :)


Nice to see you again Charlotte, I'm looking forward to reading about your latest project.

Thank you sooooo much!!! I will also do crocheting, sewing, embroidery and historical fashion. BTW I write in English and German (or do you call German Dutch?)


hehe no that's just me not being very good with languages, I'll fix it now.

I love those 3d steemit icons.


Me to, @dandesigns86 has some great designs. I hope that lamp becomes a reality though I would buy one.

I really like the idea of promoting the newbies. It's so hard being a minnow. Posts like these are nice when they help new people find an audience.


Those first couple of months can be tough (and it was a lot easier to get spotted when i first joined) so hopefully this helps a few out.

I thank you kindly for the additonal welcome! It warms my heart, truly.

Funny that I notice this post directly after I posted a pic wearing my large TARDIS steampunk top hat, too!

Don't I look swanky in it? lol

@thelifestyler puts up inspiring quotes, love quotes, humor quotes and money and style quotes. Interestingly people just love quotes

I will check them out. Thanks

Dearest @phoenixmaid!!! I will be leaving for SF2 in 2 days!!!! I will be sharing the CAJ images in print or on the big screen and need to submit them before I go. I need your permission to share your work there. Please let me know (with a response here or on SteemitChat) if that is ok with you or not. I am finishing this project and must complete it ASAP. If I don't have your permission, I won't be able to share your works--and they're so awesome I want to!!!! Please let me know as soon as you can! Thanks <3


URGENT--Please respond ASAP!! <3


I am so sorry I missed this Everlove. I've been away focusing on getting my offline life back on the right track over the last few months. I hope you had a wonderful time at steemfest xx

Hi @phoenixmaid. I am Venezuelan and I am addicted to crochett too. I'm glad we have the same tastes for crochet. If you can visit my blog.