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RE: "Notice The Remarkable" contest #5 | Enter for a chance to win 500 ORGANDUO tokens!

This day was remarcable for me. In the morning I went by bus to another faculty of university (Saulėtekis). I bought ticket for 30 min. And I went more time than I expected because of traffic jam. In Vilnius there are +15 min for changing of bus. So this time expired too before reaching faculty. I started to pray that controllers wouldn't catch me. And in the last station I noticed bus of controllers. I was afraid... But they didn't check tickets

Another good thing - when I went to Unda Maris rehearsal, I met few familiar people. So I was late to rehearsal. Luckily I didn't need to go to lecture in the evening...

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I was happy to see you at the rehearsal too. I know the feeling of being afraid to ticket controllers very well.

!giphy tickets

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