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RE: Dear Skimmers, I Know What You’re Thinking: “Dang, Dan! You Really Made Me Work My Arse Off On This One.”

in #not-effortlesslast year

Well, well, well—good morning! You know I love it when my favorite Nigerian stops by, right? It’s gonna be a great day—happy Friday, Audrey.

I’m glad you appreciated the pictures. You’re very welcome.

Kids—ha! I don’t have any but pretty much all of my friends do, some as many as four—they’re lunatics! The things they say.. here, speaking of the things kids say, ima tell you a story. I’m always reminded of this one whenever kids say... well, when they say what they think.

Drove my buddies pregnant wife to a dr appointment, at the time, they only had one chicks, their daughter who is 15 now. Ok, at the time, she’s about 4-5. Mind you, her mom is about 8 months pregnant and getting a pregnancy check-up, the daughter is very hip to the appointment.

I’m in the waiting room the daughter while mom is getting checked out. A very overweight woman was in the dr office waiting room also, daughter walks over to her and says “my mommy is having a baby brother too!” And rubbed circles on her stomach.

Oooohh crap! Uhh.... yeah, what do you do?! “Uhm, sorry?” Laugh out loud!

I really liked that night shot too. I had three of them—that one was the best and least blurry.

I really appreciate you keeping an eye on us Audrey, thank you!

Thanks for stopping by @audreybits, I hope you have the best weekend of the year.

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