DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - SOLDIERS - day 50

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How many soldiers should you build?

We do not know your plan in the game, so we will explain one basic thing to remember.
That is about your STORAGES: Drug Storage, Weapon Storage and Alcohol Silo. Your STORAGES has something called SAFE. That is the limit you can produce and your enemy can not steal it. You can produce your SAFE limit x 4
So if you have SAFE 100K you can produce 400K and your enemy can steal what is above your 100K. Let us say you have 292K, then your enemy can steal 292K -100K (your SAFE) = 192K

If you produce more than 400K in this example your numbers (the big ones on top of your screen) will turn red to tell you that you are not producing anymore at the moment. Do not let that happen for many reason. One of the reasons is that your enemy can think you abandoned the game. He will attack because he think he can steal (for free) from this account every day in the future.

What do this have to do with soldiers?

It has to do with soldiers when you want to produce more than your SAFE to upgrade something.
If you have much more soldiers in value than what the enemy can steal then the enemy will lose more in value than what he will gain by attacking you. Maybe he will win the game but it will cost him too much. He can not continue like that because he will get fewer and fewer soldiers. He can not buy back the soldiers he lost with what he stole from you.

Remember this: There are other things your enemy can gain extra in the game besides what he steals from you. So you better have much more soldiers in value than what he can steal from you.

This was very hard to explain so I hope you got the hang of it? If not ask questions in the comments.


This guy is very useful and he can not be attacked when the enemy attacks you (like the HOBO).
Do not send your SPY's if you attack. He can not attack or defend himself, he will only die and you do not want that.

When a SPY visit you, you will see some information of what he see. That is not all the information he gets. He get much more information about you.

If you have not send a SPY before, you can send one to "ramta" to see all the information you will get. I will see that you are a member of the Vikings [NORWAY] so you will get no problems ;-) Give me a message with your SPY so you see how that works at the same time.

You will see my production at the moment in red numbers. My SAFE in green numbers and then you know I can produce that x 4. You will see my buildings and how much I have upgraded them. How much I have trained my soldiers.

Then it is written in yellow: "open in the simulator" and you can click on that. Then you will get the SIMULATOR (in a new page) with your army and my army. If you push the green button "Submit" you will see how the fight would have turned out. You can "Reset" and put in different army's to learn to fight. After a fight you can click on "Show Details" and see what each soldier did in that fight.

WOW, this was hard and took some time so I need music:

This is one of the first songs about Steemit

Have a nice weekend everybody in the gang....<3
@Ramta Reddington


I have been playing with SPY a little bit. Just sent a spy to see what you have :). It seems you can't send a message if you use "spy" button.

I still more focused on building buildings rather than building an army. It takes so long.

Good work boss,

It is the basis of all the game.

As you all know, almost every 10 days, there are changes in the game, and other things that are added, and each time it's more complicated. Then you have to be quick and familiar with the basics of the game.

We have to advance all at the same level ...!

good weekend for all vikings 👍👍

Good music boss 👍 thank you...!


Hi @ramta, thank you for these informations, and thank you for adding me to VIKINGS members, I try to spend a few moments on the platform of the game to familiarize me, because as you say it's not easy to understand quickly how it works :)
In any case I have to do a power down to have some steem to start buying.

I have a quick question : The production we need to do SAFE * 4 is daily ?

Regards @Redouanemez

Hi Redouane,
Try to understand well this game rules. because I will need your help in teaching me it. I think i will give it a try.

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I always try to play a good battalion but most of the time I can lose it, I can not win, I really do not have a big card, so maybe I have a low card for that and I can not play well for them.

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i am not able to do balance between bootcamp

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