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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - Capo - day 3 & 4

in #norway5 years ago

It seems there are some spamers here at the comment section.
I will urge you to completely stop this kind of work, or at least dont do it here in the Viking forum.

As Capo and head of warfare for the Vikings I will start to downvote your articles, not just here at the Vikings chat forum, but I will do so with every other comment you are spaming elsewhere here at Steemit.

If you are a member of the Vikings you are free to ask and writ anything here. Also if you are not a member, but you have questions for us that are related to either Drugwars or the Viking gang, you can feel free to ask.

But comments like this is not welcome and will be seen as spam:

"Have a wonderful day @ramta

Posted using Partiko Android"

"Incredible review @ramta and Vikings are extraordinary wars, so triumph will be yours!"

And so on....
Remember, we the Vikings are know for our battlerage so you dont want to test that! I will smite you down!!!

I also see that @tangera have over the past post come with compliment to our great boss @Ramta. You can stop that now since you are not a Viking member and then it just seems like you are fishing for an upvote. Also thanks to @toufiqurrahman32 if what you have found out seems to be correct. We will then have our eyes up for those accounts. I will give you an upvote when my voting power has risen a bit.

So, please let us have this comment field free for phishing and begging.

Your Capo for the day - @Onebitnews

Viking rage 1.jpg


CAPO @OneBitNews Head of Warfare, it is so good that you address this topic.

They never learn before they get downvoted, so that has started.
I will prey for them that they learn quick for their own well being.

Made by @Lighteye

CAPO @Fender Head of security

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