DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - BUILDINGS - day 10-17

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The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington

I WISH....to be the Witch

(One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft: "A witch of a writer")
In one way I am. The only thing is that what I have to say is not very popular. What I have to say is:


I have been proven right. How is that? I listen to CAPO - @OneBitNews - Head of Warfare, and what he said about training soldiers: "you must have the highest production to build the greatest army". So I build the greatest production and build the greatest army to protect you all. NOW I am building buildings again and do the waiting game (The stratagem of deferring action and allowing the passage of time to work in one's favor).

We want to be the greatest of all time as the Vikings always have been. Have the Vikings always been the greatest? YES, over time they have always been the greatest. To clear out this, where are the romans today? Even if they where the greatest warriors of all time, today we call them Italians. NO great warriors at all, only weak mothers boys.


YOU are in the greatest gang there is. Be proud of it and wait for the great battles to come, where you will earn money.
An intense competition: a battle of wits.
SO, BUILD BUILDINGS and wait for the battles…..They will come and you do not want to be the victim. You want to be like a Viking and Victory is yours…

I see you tomorrow, I promise.
@Ramta Reddington


Hill to you King @Ramta Reddington
I am glad to say that I am back form an Easter raid up in the mountains. I have also been following my own advice and expanding the buildings.
This is the best way to finally rule this game.
The best part is that when your buildings reach higher lvl you are also able to by some soldiers in between, just to use resources to prevent them from reaching max lvl.
So, to all of you, do as @Ramta and build strong buildings and the soldiers will more or less come as a result of you having a huge production.

Until next time - VALHALLA -

Viking by 1.jpg

that's my strategy, build buildings, and go buy soldiers little by little; it has worked for me is a strategy that I confirm is good.

I am getting there. Slowly, but steady!

That is all I am doing. Upgrading buildings and production as fast as possible. Trying to get to 200k production of drugs, weapons and alcohol. It seems like it goes slower as it gets higher.

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Hello boss,

Yes, you are absolutely right, we have to build at the beginning and then it will be time to get armed. (it's the first advise wich gaves me Mr @everydaycoach, and it works very well...!

Waiting for more advises boss, thank you and have a good day...!

Best regards,


Just warriors do not show the heart, as long as their chest does not open the ax (Viking)

Hi boss, it's time to build my office .coming soon to top 100 😁

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Good luck my friends VIKINGS, I support you with my heart from Morocco ;)

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