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in norway •  8 months ago

Dear One Bit News readers!

Over the last months One Bit News have had a massive success and become quite renowned. We who invented this magazine still see a lot of potential in this communication form here on Steemit. Unfortunately it is a time-consuming process to publish in this format, and to become the magazine we strive for, we realize that we would need to invest way more time in this project than what the three of us have available at this point.

Therefore we have come to the agreement to pause OBN for now.

We would like to thank all of you who have followed us, commented and shared our content. We are grateful and humble for the attention you have given us. It’s been an amusing time we will carry with us for a long time. We have enjoyed creating every article and read every single comment with a smile.

For those of you who would like to stay in touch with us we can be reached at the following handles:
@Ramta – Orca and hardcore steemit personality.
@Gyldenhorn – Business minded outdoors champion
@Erlendgroseth – Photographer and outdoors enthusiast.
@Jeroll - The music expert.

For those of you who would like to sell and trade via Steemit @Babsboard will pick up the work we started on One Bit News.

Thanks again for all your support throughout our 18 issues!
Best regards @Ramta, @Gyldenhorn and @Erlendgroseth

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Everybody can do what we did if you are friends and have the time. Maybe you will do it even better. Yes you can!

You are the voice try and understand it. Make a noise and make it clear.

If you do let me know, I would love to hear about it.

So, I see my friends call me "Orca and hardcore steemit personality", okay, I like it. I will have to start writing posts again then - Coming soon to a computer near you.

Made by @lighteye

Just remember one thing about me: I Downvote crap and people that try to lick my ass. If you really like my bum that much, keep it your secret and vote (if you want to).

Until we meet again - Yours truly
@Ramta Reddington


@ramta can you please contact me on discord or thanks


@ramta I have sent sbd for you why not confirm yet, please confirm


Hello @onebitnews!
I already miss the magazine, I have not yet adapted to wait next Wednesday without seeing the new issue
especially the game page that I enjoyed
can I just know the track that contains the sound?! because I spent a week looking for the sound everyday, but I really think that I have not managed to find it and since last Wednesday this question did not leave my head.

best regards



Hello @Amalmez

Yes of course YOU can have the track that contains the sound:

The sound starts at 2:10

Take care and ..........


It's a pity I did not listen to this song!

Ånei, dette var triste nyheter! Får håpe dere som står på @onebitnews fortsetter å poste på private profiler da, og ikke forlater Steemit helt ;)

Men det har vært 18 flotte utgaver, og jeg vil absolutt si at prosjektet har vært veldig kult.

For min del har det vært veldig artig for å bli litt kjent med andre nordmenn her inne, og flere av disse hadde jeg sikkert aldri kommet over hvis jeg ikke hadde kommentert på postene dere. Så for min del har det kommet mye fint ut av å lese og kommentere @onebitnews.

Hilsen @valth

Sorry to see you leave! But I have done my reflections about posting frequency, and to make a weekly magazine is perhaps spreading oneself too thin? Hope you will return with a monthly magazine somewhere in the not so distant future!

I swear to you that we had a great time on this magazine with the rich and interesting information we have learned and also your generous and motivating upvotes!
Dear :
I wish you a good continuation and a lot more success on steemit and in your professional and private life while hoping to see one day the return of your famous magazine.

Best Wishes

Såpass ja.
Kjedelig å lese, blir det mer aktivitet på @babsboard nå fremmover da?


Hello the @onebitnews team,
you've been in my life and I will never forget this magazine that allowed me to discover things for the first time, despite the minimal duration that I spent with you since I joined steemit there is little of time.
I swear you left traces that helped me to how to do it on steemit,
I learned business with @ramta and @babsboard
I had the opportunity to discover new artists with @jeroll
Regards to @barbro, @gyldenhorn and @erlendgroseth
it sure will not stop.
thank you for everything
Best wishes

Trist å høre, men dere har virkelig gjort en fantastisk jobb. Vil absolutt bli savnet, men følger jo alle sammen. Håper det vil dukke opp et magasin i ny og ne da. Har ikke vurdert å gi ut magasinet litt sjeldnere og å delegere litt arbeid til andre nordmenn? Kanskje gi publisitet til postene til andre nordmenn dere følger da dere åpenbart er et knutepunkt for oss, det ville jo legge mindre press på dere å kjøre et par fillere med resteems.

hopefully @onebitnews quickly get back with a more powerful magazine.
I always wait for @onebitnews (OBN).

thank you so much to you who always give me happiness.
thank you so much to you @onebitnews

thanks to you all
I can enjoy a great magazine.
hope you all always successful.
greetings from me @syilegirl

Hm. That was a bit unexpected. Didn't see it coming, no.

Thanks for the great articles and all the boost. Sure helped me a lot. Hope to see you guys around somewhere else.

Good luck!

Thank you for the different themes that you have addressed.
I am sure you will come back with other ideas and other strategy.

I congratulate you on your
Honesty, I congratulate you for your frankness that you intend to keep the page quality as high and you are afraid of not being able to keep it because of overload.

Thank you for your support to several people and steemians and to me personally.

I am delighted to meet you on this virtual world.

Best regards @aminekad
Amine from Morocco

Dette er jo direkte triste nyheiter. De kunne jo vurdert å kutte ned til per 14 dag eller 1 magasin i mnd, så får de litt meir tomlerom og tid.
Dette var... trist...

hi @onebitnews
I really had a good time with you, I was new to the magazine, but I learned a lot thanks to you all:


Hi guys,
First of all, I apologize for the poor quality of my English because I do not know it well. Second, thank you very much for what you are offering in this valuable weekly magazine. I really enjoy reading its contents with great interest and look forward to your weekly publications eagerly. I hope that someday it become a daily magazine rather than a weekly because I really liked it and became eager to see every new thing you put on. I wish you more success and brilliance, and @onebitnews magazine will always be my favorite.

Hello @onebitnews
I miss you so much. It has been a long week


I hope you will accept this modest gift which expresses how much I admire you.

And most of all thanks to :
Thank you for your efforts to provide useful and interesting topics.

It is very sad that this magazine stops publishing :( We have really had fun with it.
Many thanks to @onebitnews team : @ramta, @gyldenhorn, @Erlendgroseth, @babsboard, @jeroll and @barbo. You have given us the shipment of the beginning. So we will move forward. Could never turn back now. Yeah we're gonna be legends. It's about to be legendary.

Yours faithfully


I agree with you completely @hasmez

I am always interested in reading at @onebitnews.
hopefully @onebitnews to be the biggest magazine in the world, bigger than now, I am very supportive.
because the writings that always quality @onebitnews.
I hope you have a better and more successful continuation on steemit and in your professional and personal life while hoping to see a day of the return of your famous magazine.
Thanks to
I hope you all succeed.

Var det forresten nokon som vann konkurransen?


Nei, @DriftNerd ingen klarte konkuransen.

Her er svaret, som jeg ikke trodde skulle være så vanskelig. Der tok jeg skikkelig feil gitt.

The sound starts at 2:10

Med vennlig hilsen
@Ramta Reddington

Thank you guys for the great magazine and all the effort you guys have put into making this possible for us. I wish you guys all the success here on steemit.

I only recently joined and I learned quite a bit from reading your older articles and just want to say again thank you very much for the valuable information.

We were waiting for the magazine every week eagerly, when I knew it would stop I felt sad.
But nevertheless I have benefited a lot from you.
thank you very much for all the team @onebitnews
thankx @Ramta( @Babsboard ) @Gyldenhorn @Erlendgroseth @Jeroll @barbro....
we look forward to your return.

My sincere greetings @agdali

Thank you @Ramta, @Gyldenhorn, @Jeroll and @Erlendgroseth and@Babsboard for all the time you spent on the magazine, it's been a pleasure being a part of this reading it every week. I will still follow your blogs and keep up with all that is Norway, especially Viking stories and the wonderful pictures. Cheers to you. Thanks again sinc,

I was the dreamer and today I found the fact can find great people like you
I really enjoy all the news in a very @onebithnews magazine bermamfaat to me, because can learn the business, get to know wonderful people, singer, @jeroll and other news. I hope you will always be successful and I will await your next post the continuation, since your post has always been a motivation for me.
I will always be your loyal followers in each post you
Thanks @onebitnews, @babsboard, @ramta @gyldenhorn @erlendgroseth and @jeroll my prayer to you always successful

Thanks OBN team.
You did a great effort to bring us many interesting topics. We enjoyed following the magazine and read all your articles.
We hope you'll be back soon.
Best regards.

there is no doubt that it was an enjoyable moment, this magazine was very interesting for me which taught me a lot.

you are great people :
I am really happy to meet great people

I hope you are always successful and in the future become the biggest magazine in the world, I want to be your loyal followers.I always interested in reading in @onebitnews because magazine @onebitnews highly qualified also useful for me and the public will certainly say the same. I hope you have a continuation

Thanks for this @onebitnews and thaks great people

Your newspaper is very helpful
I hope your magazine will be known as Steemit Large Magazine.
I have seen @babsboard @ramta also playing very important role very seriously.
Hopefully succeeding your way to the next day

Savner magasinet!!

hopefully you will be back as soon as @onebitnews.
i've read your magazine, i am kaguk to you.
I will wait for your new magazine.

thank you so much to you who always give me happiness.

thank you so much to you @onebitnews





Best regard @munawire .

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good job.