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RE: A landscape view from the mountains behind my cabin

in #norway2 years ago

Sir, Hopefully you are good, enough to read your blog post after a long time!

I have traveled moutonetes for many times because I am employed, it is not always possible to visit Mauntona, but if I get a summer vacation, I have come to Mountain Tour and consider enough knowledge of the climate and climate because Mountain is a wonderful place to enjoy every moment there and it is very good to yourself. I think it's important to enjoy each moment Mountain esta for a person, because each time it is passed through an extraordinary moment.

You have made the right knowledge about Sir Mountain and you have enjoyed every moment of the mountain. I think that when I get a summer vacation, I'll definitely be traveling to the Mountain and there will be a week's holiday. The mountain seems to me very beautiful because the God's gift and mountain's natural beauty excited me to the mountain.

Especially Sir, your photography is very beautiful and you are presenting outstanding blog posts every day I hope you will present beauty and important content for this community in the future.


Hello @Olvio
Good to hear that you also like the mountains. Hope you are able to get your vacation so you can travel to a mountain near you. If you really like mountain scenery you should defiantly try out Norway. We have more than enough or everyone :)
Have a great day!

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