The king and his loyal minister

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The loyal minister was a man of faith, very religious and beliefs in God.

His usual sentence was “Maybe it’s best for us and God is protecting us from something bad”.
The king was fed up of this sentence and never believed in his minister.

One day the king cut his index finger and was worried but his minister said “Maybe it’s best for you and God is protecting you from something bad that was going to happen to you”.

The king went mad at him and put the minister in prison. The next day the king went hunting, but instead another kingdom hunted the king and took him to their king.

Normally they give the person to their king to eat, but this persons body has to be perfect and complete.

As the king was injured, they let him go to his kingdom. When he came back he ordered to let out the minister from the prison, the king told the story of what happened to him while he was in prison, the minister said as usual “what happened to you from the beginning was good for you, when you cut your finger God was protecting and saving your life”.

Then the king asked him “are you not angry because I put you to prison?”.
The minister said “No! Because God also was saving my life, because if I were with you then that king was going to eat me instead of you, so when you put me in prison God was protecting me from something bad happening to me.”

The king smiled and said “I will always believe in God and your famous sentence will be in my memory forever”.

So the moral of this story is telling us to have faith and believe in something, no matter what religion you are.


this is very educative story.....i read this story for first time.thanks

Your article is very good. congratulation & beautiful photo.keep it up

Amazing post
Thanks for sharing this story
I appreciate your life.....

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In my opinion @momar, we faith and believe is according to our religion. However, we must respect each other although we are different...

Wow really nice post..thanks for sharing this life story i like it


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