The Greedy man and the Golden egg.

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A Hen used to laid a golden egg every morning, for a very poor man, the man was very happy for this at the beginning.

Everything has changed when he said to himself “where is this golden egg coming from?”. He thought that there are many more golden egg inside the Hen.

He said to himself “this Hen is being lazy and doesn’t want to give me more golden eggs, what can I do to make her laid more and more!”.

He thought if he give the Hen more food like worms and seeds, the Hen will give him more golden egg.

He started given the Hen more food, but the Hen never gave more than one golden egg. The Hen became very fat and he said to himself if he cut her stomach he will get all the eggs and instead of waiting everyday for one egg he will take all the eggs one time.

Next morning he decided to kill the Hen, took a knife and cut her head the chopped her stomach to find the golden egg, but he didn’t find any eggs nor golden eggs.
The man started crying and said “what a bad luck, where are my golden eggs!!!!”.
This greedy man lost everything no more golden or Hen that laid normal eggs.

This story teaches us that we should be happy on every little thing we have, because there are people that don’t even have the littlest thing you have.


wow! nice story. reading awesome friend.thanks for sharing keep it up

i have read this story in 3rd grade. so educative story

Yes it’s intresting @steemibu351

yeah so educative story.
I agree with #steemibu351
thank you :D

This old story is evergreen.
Thanks for reminding us to think before we act.

Talking about greedy, guess who just paid 41 sbd to a bid bot that was already overpaid?
You can be 100% certain that you will lose money 🤔

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