Dangerous Hurricane killed more than 30 people in horn of Africa

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Dangerous hurricane with flood and storms hit part of horn Africa (Northern Somalia)

The hurricane caused loss of lives and fortune, and we have been told that the loss is increasing.
Emergency service was provided to people affected by the floods in Awdal, Sahil and Saylac, while that part of the stranded was evacuated

Rainy storm have also hit in Djibouti where there have been losses. UN-OCHA aid program says two people have been stormed in Djibouti while about 30,000 people have been displaced from their homes after the floods have affected them.
Director of NRC, Nigel Tricks said it is the strongest storm ever to hit the region.

Sagar winds hit Djibouti, Somalia and the coast of Yemen last week, resulting in a devastating drought.


Wow, this is so sad. I hope the situation gets better soon! I'm a bit surprised that I have not seen anything about this is the mainstream media yet.

Yeah i think Media does not interest natural causes anymore nowadays

You're probably right. In their views 30 dead from a natural disaster is probably not enough to get their attention :P

God bless them.

Ameen 🙏🏽

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