A lesson for life from teacher

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One day a teacher has asked the students to come early next day to give them an extra lesson.

Most of the students have attended, about 45 pupils, the teacher asked everyone to write their names on a piece of paper, then to give it back to the teacher.

When all the pupils did so, the teacher took all the papers to another class room,
the teacher asked them to go to that class and everyone has to find their name, and each student has only five minutes.

The pupils run to the other room, and they started to push and squeeze, but no one found their name, and the time is up.

The teacher came to them and said “if you couldn’t find your names by squeezing and pushing, everyone try to pass the name of the student you find”.

They followed the teachers idea and within few minutes they all found their names.

The teacher said “this is a life time lesson if you help and care for each other you will be successful in your life, and reach your life goals easily”.

This is teaching us to give each other a support then life will be simple.


If humanity worked together we would all be able to achieve great things... but humanity prefers to "squeeze and push"... let's just hope more people realize that help and care are a must if humanity wants to survive

A life lesson taught in a very short time. These students are fortunate to have that teacher.

Love to read it ......
Thanks for your post.

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Bra innlegg! Lærere er virkelig viktige for elever ja ;)

Dette er en veldig god inspirasjon for min venn @momar

well to read it .keep it up and thanks for shareing

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