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RE: Announcing the ContestWinner of Issue 8 @BabsBoard GarageSale

in #norway6 years ago

Congratulations @redouanemez you won the guestimate contest! I'm very happy for you!

Here @gagago is telling her little brother @redouanemez he won the contest hahaha! :
Image from

And this is the original message from our whatsapp's family group hehehe :

رضوان راك ديتيها! والله إما خليتيها فال guess! مبروك عليك.
Traduction :
Redouane you did it! You didn't let it go in the guess! Congratulations.

Best regards


Ha ha ha you made me laugh the photo you put is very significant.

Hello @RedouaneMez

This is a one-liner sentence! You take big chances on your winning day?
We are to soft in our hearts to downvote you today. We want to congratulate YOU today.

Can you please edit your comment to more than a one-liner? Then you will be a good example for everyone.

We will tell you a secret in Steemit that we discovered early, it is not many posts or comments that will make you much money. It is the quality of your post and comments that will do it in the long run.

Here are the proof:

  • @Ramta Reddingthon - 691 posts and comments in 2 years - that is less than 1 every day. Steem Power - 143,000.000
  • @BabsBoard - 269 posts and comments - that is less than 1 every third day. Steem Power - 14,000.000
  • @Barbro - 252 posts and comment - that is also less than 1 every third day. She has never made a post only comments so far. But you all know her because of the quality. Steem Power - 31,000.000
  • @TommyHansen started to say "thank you" to everybody and his income disappeared. Steem Power - 45,000.000
    then he said " oh my god what have I done wrong". Now he is paying us to go to school and fix the problem.

Here are the reason for all of this:
Nobody want to read "thank you" 68 times in a popular post. It is a waste of time. The people with money take care of their time so they do not come back. When they do not come back they can not Upvote you anymore and your income starts to disappear.

Quality content - you doing the best you can - is what people really want.

Have a fantastic day, please do.
@BabsBoard - we fix everything

You just revealed a secret there, the quality of a post and comments do the job. I have learnt something new today @BabsBoard. I wouldn't have seen this, if I didn't come back to read people's comment

Oh ok @babsboard! Believe me when I write "thank you" it's just to really thank people for their kindness to congratulate me and not to have upvotes :)

In any case, thank you for your useful information.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

I liked the translation you made @hasmez, I sang that sentence in English with the same melody that we sang in our wedding traditions hahaha, yes I was the first to tell him that he was winning and that was because of the intensity of my joy for his win.

In the photo me and you @redouanemez 😄

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