Viking history - part 7 - The Gods 2

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Today I am back with three more gods thats spins around and plays a big part in the common life of a viking.
In the last post we learned about Odin, the leader of the goods. Thor, the war and world order god and Freya, the good of fertility.
To day we are going to look closer on Heimdal, Loki and Hel


Heimdal was according to Norse mythology the guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow that was connecting the Gods world with man`s. It is said that he is son of 9 mothers and they again are sisters. It is said that Heimdal didn't need more sleep than a bird and he had a sight that stretched for 1000 kilometers. In addition to this his hearing was so good that he could hear the gras sprout and the wool grow on the cheeps back. These were some of the reasons the other Gods selected him to be the guardian of the Bifrost. He also had a hughe, golden, horn that he was supposed to blow when ragnarok(the end of the world) was here.



Loki was known as the trickster amongst Gods and he often lured them into some deals that always benefited Loki himself. He was the stepson of Odin and stepbrother to Thor. And it is said that he was born a jotne/giant, but Odin found him deserted on a battle filed and brought him home to Valhalla. Loki plays a big part amongst the Gods and especially along side with Thor. It seems that Loki is the one that is brought into Valhalla just to make trouble for Thor.

But in some stories he also is the one that helps Thor out of different problems Thor so often run into.
The common viking could blame Loki if something went wrong at the farm or in battle. It is also said that he is to be blamed for Ragnarok to happened. It all started when Loki got another, blind, God to shot an arrow that killed Blader, one of the Gods in Valhalla. After that Loki was put in some kind of prison where he got to know the Fenriswolf and the Midgardserpent, together with these two he break free from prison and all hell(Ragnarok) breaks lose. Loki dies after Heimdal cuts his head of, but Loki manage to wound Heimdal deadly so he also dies right after taking Lokis head. And this is how the world endes looked uno with eyes of the vikings.



Hel is the daughter of Loki and the ruler of the dead in the underworld. She is said to be half blue and half human colored, som also say that she is part human and part skeleton, and she is the sister of the Fenriswolf and the Midgards serpent. She lives in Niflheim which is the vikings underworld. Every viking that dies either of disease or of old age comes to Niflheim and has to serve Hel for eternity. That is why the vikings saw it as the best to die in battle so they could be sendt to Odin in Valhall. And that is probably one of the Vikings fought their battles with so much furie and fearfulness and their opponent feared them.


Hope you found history lesson to be of interest. To read part 6 click here

Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry
Kindest regards Gyldenhorn


Beautiful stories @gyldenhorn !

I was able to research a little bit about this subject and found that Hel is the "sister" of the wolf Fenrir and the Midgard snake, Jormungand.
It reigns over the nine worlds, from which come all those who have not died in battle.


Thx a lot @Redouanemez

After reading this @gyldenhorn, I would suggest that every Viking would like to die of an honorable death!
Eternity is a very long time to serve somebody like that, I would fight with no fear in that situation also.

That is so true @Tbnfl4sun, nearly all the vikings wanted to have a glorious death on the battlefield and that is one of the reasons the fought so hard and good. They always wanted that the Gods should see them in the best light.

Hi @gyldenhorn
Pleased to hear the continuation of viking history. After I read from three gods: Heimdal, Loki and Hel. I prefer the heimdal god which I think is good and very trustworthy.
Compared to the other two Gods, loki and hel, who were the source of the chaos at the time, and very cunning.

Thx for following and reading @Amuchtar
It is true that Loki and Hel was the bring of chaos

Thank you very much for the publication, very good! Here I was solved a doubt I had for some time, I did not know what happened to vikings who died out of combat, I thought everyone went to Valhalla, but it is not like that, but go Niflheim.

Hello @Vieira
Glad I coud help you figure out what happened when vikings didn't die in battle :)

Utrolig interessant lesning:-) Jeg digger alle navna og deres historie.

Takker og bukker @Ettena, kommer mer om ikke så alt for lenge :)

First of all thank you so much for this amazing post & secondly the Sketch of the God's are so perfect according to your writing. You did a fantastic job to choosing these Sketch.Wonderfully written.To be honest with you i think Hel is a very beautiful women, just look in her eyes, there is so much sadness in her eyes.She is so powerful but so lonely.

Glad you find it amazing @Latikasha, I tried to find pictures that would go along with the telling of the Gods

My favorite is Heimdal. He has so many cool superpowers. He can connect The God's worlds to man's world, enhanced eye sight & keen hearing ability & a cool golden horn & most importantly He's the Guardian of Bifrost.
Thank you so much @gyldenhorn

Hi @Dannywill, Heimdal is cool :)

It is wonderful to read carefully while absorbing the life values ​​of the most extraordinary deities.

As always, your ability to review stories is unquestionable :)
Viking Accessories

Thx a lot for those kind words @Seha76 and a lovely Thors hammer neckless :)

Great story!

Nice to enjoy the story from you, Sir. The story is a great value of humanity. Many things from the story can change our mindset to be a wise person in thinking and acting.

Have a good day, sir!

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Something new theme cought in my eyes.
I think, This is your another great publication on this blog. Really I learned more from here.

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i support you.

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great post...thanks..upvote/following..

Another great chapter about the great vikings!

This keeps getting more and more exciting, now it makes sense to me that vikings gave their life in the battle field and battled against any enemy at any cost!

But what actually impresses me the most is Heimdal, how did he get to have 9 mothers? XD , did they give birth to one part of the body each?

Somehow I'm getting more and more interested about this culture, even their gods are way more interesting than the ones from this side of the world!

Waiting for more :D

I found it amazing to learn that the Norse hell is a world of ice, opposed to the burning flames in the christian hell.
But it seemed to be more of a danger to die of cold in the North and of heat in Arabia. Which translated into their perception of hell.

I now understand where their great fighting spirit comes from!
The fear of suffering for eternity as in Dante's Hell!

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