A small waterfall

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Hello folks!
To day I am presenting a picture for a small stream of water just beside my cabin.
Going to have a lot of fun with this waterfall in the future and looking forward to the first frost sets inn. Think there will be a lot of nice icey photos then.
But, now the summertime is upon us and for the last week we have had temperatures way above 25 degrees celsius, it has even pushed 30 a couple of days and this is measured in the shadow. So now you will see a lot of summerpictures on my blog in the weeks to come :)


Until next time, stay safe, warm and dry
Kindest regards


Det var et fantastisk flott bilde:-)

Hi @Gyldenhorn,

What a beautiful image !

Allow me to show you a beautiful video of waterfalls in the vicinity of a small town AZILAL located in central Morocco.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hi @Redouanemez
I am happy to hear that you liked my picture and a cool video you sendt of that waterfall form your country .
I like the rainbow in it :)

Hi @Gyldenhorn
The waterfall looks very beautiful though small. Imagine, if in winter everything turns into a pile of ice, which is unique.
Thanks for sharing, I'm waiting for your next post, have a nice day, in the summer.

Thank you @Amuchtar
You are right, the waterfall is small, but it is just nearby my cabin and that is great, because I can go there every day :)
Hope your summer will be great also :)

Hi sir, hope you are good. you discuss every day and great things and you are playing a very important role in this community.

It's really great to have given you a small fountain picture and I admire the natural beauty.Sir, there is a small waterfall near your cabin that looks really nice and I think you are a very lucky person because you are living in extraordinary natural beauty.I enjoyed your montane blogpost a few days ago and the picture you gave was really fascinating to me. Now you've talked about a waterfall, which is a beautiful beauty and natural beauty that does not come in every person's life because it is God's gift to God for every nature. It has created some things very accurately Sir, this is one of the beauty of the waterfall, I sincerely appreciate your waterfall has attracted me, too!

Thank you @Olvio
I am happy that you liked both the picture of the mountains and the waterfall.
It is also nice to hear that you think I play a role in this community :)

The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something like that, for a split second it's so great, because for a little bit I'm out of my brain. Simply mind blowing photography Mr. @Gyldenhorn. I simply love the love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.
Thank you so much Mr. @Gyldenhorn for sharing this amazing photographs with us. Eagerly waiting for your next masterpiece.

Kind Regards @Latikasha

I am so lad that you liked my photo @Latikasha
If you love waterfalls, Norway is the place to bee :)

OMG! Fantastic, sensational, phenomenal and spoiling all eyes that see it.

Like the beauty of Red Beach, Norway with the most beautiful gemstones, Seha wants one free if there ^ _ ^

Seha sure, around the cabin is still stored many extraordinary objects that have never been published. Can not wait to see it...

Have fun! 🙏

Thank you so much @Seha76
Come to Norway and you will see a lot of this :)

We are all naturally seekers of wonders. We travel far to see the majesty of old ruins, the venerable forms of the hoary mountains, great waterfalls, and galleries of art. And yet the world's wonder is all around us; the wonder of setting suns, and evening stars, of the magic spring-time, the blossoming of the trees, the strange transformations of the moth.
I pray to God As long as you live, you'll hear the waterfalls and birds and winds and mountains sing.

Wow what a beautiful waterfall! Its too hot is London now, (i live in London )i wish i could go now and have a long time bath! Really it's a wonderful place and your photography is outstanding. What a fantastic place @glydenhorn you are living and enjoying beautiful nature! I have no idea before that your country is so much beautiful and you are the lucky person that you have got such a beautiful place for enjoying. Waiting for more exciting photographs, thanks to share and enjoy more and more.

Very fascinating! What a fantastic nature. Uniquely, I so want to enjoy your beautiful country, but it is beyond my current ability. It is amazing and very fascinating. Thank you sir for sharing with my heart longing with distant Norway. Stay warm and dry!👌

Dette var ett vakkert bilde.
Du får vise meg denne fossen når vi skal på hytta neste gang. Kan jo hende jeg også får noen fine bilder her ;)

Det skal jeg gjøre vet du :)

Fabulous one!!!

Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself.
Amazing Photography Dear @Gyldenhorn

It's like a smartphone wallpaper. Great quality. I confess that I am waiting to see it icy also. In the mean time let's see those summer pictures you have on your lens :)

My dear boss @gyldenhorn,

Next to my cabin there is a little water on your waterfall, which gives me a beautiful atmosphere and weather.I am uploading a picture below which is a small waterfall located on the opposite side of my cabin.

Waterfall is a very beautiful matter and the water fruit creates very nice weather that plays an important role in the human body and I talked to a scientist a few days ago. He told me that the small waterfall on the opposite side of my cabin was once a long time. Twenty years ago the waterfall provided water to the whole city in contrast to my cabin You've lost the ability to become a waterfall for some time now he has little power.

Above all, I hope you enjoy very well, your moulton next to your cabin and a small waterfall.

Wow amazing little waterfall beside your home has attracted me and your photos are beautiful. I think you have used the camera function very well and have made the right use of the lens. It is wonderful to take your pictures and I appreciate your photography.

Waterfall of Love
Gentle drops of Love
Slide down my heart
The foggy waterfall grows
When the drops gather in one.

The reflection
Of the crystal clear lake
Which resides at the bottom
Of the heart in tears
Is formed in the retina
Of the lucid eyes.

The lake is icy and cold
When the drops are frozen
To melt again in the warmth
Under the tears of Love.

Beautiful Photography Sir @Gyldenhorn.

Fantastiske bilete av fossen @Gyldenhorn
Eg ser at du har brukt lang lukkertid for å få fram denne effekten på fossefallet. Er det 1 sekund du har brukt.
Ein fin foss og eit flott bilete av denne.

Med vennleg helsing

Waterfalls are beautiful in summer and in winter. I'm glad that you are with us again.

Norway's weather is very nice and very beautiful in Norway, there are some natural things that are different from other countries.I came to Norway a few days ago and I enjoyed the weather and climate here, friendly and friendly and Norwegian food and hotel services are very nice, which I think is better than the city of UK because the tourist centers in Norway have been developed and some very nice natural balance content in Norway.

When I came to Norway, I enjoyed the beach and the waterfall very much happily and the topic you discussed has presented me a lot of delicate content and I love it very much I hope you enjoy the small waterfall that is beside your cabin. Content and you are extremely fortunate personality because each person There is no waterfall on the side where there is a mounenen and waterfall beside your cabin.

Beautiful waterfall, how happy you are to have it so close. It seems straight out of a story.

hi mr @gyldenhorn.
happy to hear news from you.

you're really lucky to have a cabin in such a beautiful place in winter, spring and summer.

now I understand why you were absent the last days.

enjoy the stay in your cabin.

Hope to hear from you and see pictures of the beautiful area surrounding your cabin.

Kult bilde, skal bli gøy å følge med på disse bildene i tiden som kommer.

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It is very interesting to get the water in the picture, like a haze

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