7 tips for a better blog

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Hi, this time I am going to share some hints and tips for you who are wondering about how to write good posts here at Steemit.


1. A good heading/titel

One of the most important things about a blog is to have a good title.
This is the first meeting your readers have with you and your post so put some thoughts around what you use as a header.
Do you have the opportunity to use a number first, do it. Then you stand out from everyone else who uses text.
Your title should preferably contain no more than 10 words.
Be specific about what the blog is about.
Blogs with tips and tricks, like this one, can often be smart since there are many people out there who are looking for a knowledge you possess.


2. How long should a blog / post be?

Basically, the longer it is, the better it is.
A lot of research has been done on the subject and one of these shows that the average posts in first place in Google is over 2400 words.
These posts are also the ones that are shared and linked most times.
Here at Steemit, I have not been able to find out if long posts are resteemed more than short posts, so if any of you sits on such information, I appreciate if you can provide feedback in the comment felt.
Sometimes it may be correct to write shorter posts. This may be the case where the content should contain pure information, such as this post you are reading now.


3. Write because you like it.

If you like what you write about, the words will fall more naturally and it will be perceived as more interesting to your readers.
Things you write about that you dont like, will shine through and you may risk losing your followers.
But, try to vary between writing about the different things you like. It is quick to get a writer`s block bar if you have only one focus area.


4. Quality

There are millions of millions of posts and blogs online, just as there are millions of writers out there.
You've probably surfed one post after the other without completely finding the content of interest. But suddenly an article sucks you in and you really feel that you got something for the 5-10 minutes you were reading.
If you have not noticed the author of the article before, the likelihood is that you will do it after your meeting with his blog.
What most often distinguishes the really good from all the other writers on the web is that they always maintain a high quality of what they deliver. This ensures that you who read and follow are always safe and secure with the content when you are at this person's posts. And the choice will be easy to read his or her new post before you move on.
So, you should always strive to deliver as good quality as you can.
If you want to train to achive good quality, I recommend that you find skilled writers who write about things that fall under your interest. Read their posts and see how they build up their blog or post.
It is not forbidden to learn from others who have gone the way before you. Just remember not to copy their blog into your own. Plagiarism is not okay, but again it is allowed to get ideas that you can developed into your very own blog.


5. Take care of your followers.

One big mistake many bloggers and writers do is that they do not think of those who actually made it possible that they are where they are today. This is often the reason people fall down from the throne and don`t get back.
People who have taken the time to vote for your blog and given you a constructive comment, should you always replay to. And here at Steemit, always vote for their comments. Having a two-way communication with those who follow you will only strengthen the relationship between you and them and it will make your post more alive.
And if you're lucky, ideas will appear that you can write about in a later post.
And you can ask your readers about what they would like you to write about.

Canon m3.jpg

6. Use images.

A blog should always contain at least one image. Preferably many.
Images will make your blog visually pretty and the expression one picture says more than a 1000 words actually rules. Your brain processes a image 60,000 times faster than a text. So, if you have the opportunity to insert pictures that you think should fit and you can combine the pictures with a suitable text, it's absolutely great for the post.


7. Have a lot of ideas written down.

Sometimes, one good idea emerges one after the other, while other times the writer`s block appears and it seems that you will never be able to find something sensible to write about.
If you have been a little smart during the creative times and written down the key words, you can pick up these notes and deliver a blog of quality, quality and quality.
When I come up with good ideas for what I'm going to write about, I often write down this in key words on my phone. In this way, I can in theory write an article whenever it may be.
I try to write at least one post each week, sometimes more.
For those who wish to write one or more post each day, I recommend you have a stock of good ideas before you begin. You do not know how fast it goes before you get out of ideas.

Hope these 7 tips on how to make better blogs while hoping for more followers was useful to you.
Feel free to comment if you have other good tips on how to make great posts.
Do you have questions to my tips, please be free to make a comment.

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1.jpg.pngThanks for a great post @gyldenhorn
A lot of useful information there. Also, don't forget to choose meta-tags with care.


I should have remembered to also mentioned the meta tags
Thx for reminding us @Erlendgroseth

Tommel opp.jpg

Kindest regards

Hello my friend, I definitely agree to 7 tips on how to make a better blog mainly in Steemit. I got some new knowledge on it.

Now I would like to give my opinion for point number 2 relarwd to our post in Steemit. How long should a blog / post be?

I always asked for answering the question by some of Indonesian Steemians, they are my friends and I told them that we have to write minimum 200 words in Steemit. That's a limit. We can write longer until 1000 or 2000 words in Steemit, but we must make our post interesting for our followers. We have to avoid they got bored reading our post as well.

Thanks for your amazing post and useful for every Steemians. Have a nice day.
Regards from Indonesia.


Hi @Bahagia-arbi
Thanks a lot for your feedback on how long a post should be. I defiantly agree with you that is should at least 200 words, and the content of the post must be of some interest and quality. If you dont do this people will stop reading your other posts and you will vanish among all the others.
Have a good day!




You inspired me to write for my friends 3 killer ideas to write in steemit. Just done! Thanks

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good job

Hello @gyldenhorn. The explanation is so impressive that it provides a great solution to painting in Steemit. So far I have never been too long because I thought it would be boring to read. So we can write more than one part.

Hopefully what you convey can be practiced by other Steemians. Regards @dsatria.


I agree with you, me too so far I write posts a bit short to directly transmit my ideas without me being boring, but for professional people and having a great experience in the writing of the articles of high level can write long posts without problems. In any case, I really admit that this post of Mr. @gyldenhorn gives us really practical and valuable tips.


Hello @Dsatria
It is perfectly fine to write long posts if the content are of good quality.
I would love to read good posts that take some time.


With todays short attention span, I would never have thought you would encourage us to write loooong blogs. It sure would have to be interesting if you write that much. And the problem is that a lot of people write and post quantity over quality in hopes of cashing in, I think. It's a fine line...


You have completely correct @Driftnerd
A lot of people write quantity instead of quality in hope of cashing in some few cents here and there.
If they instead had written a bit longere (it dont have to be 1000-2000 words) But instead trie to put some quality in the lines, I think they would have found out that it was more cash there in the long run.



Thanks @gyldenhorn for the good tips!
As always you deliver quality posts that we all can learn from!


Thx a lot @Hamlander
Hope these tips can be of any help, but your posts are usually very good.




Hehe! I have ALOT to learn and a very long road to go to deliver good blog posts! 😃 but I'm trying to better myself with each post!

But I struggle to come Up with good and interesting content, or at the end of a day I usually remember things that I've done and think :"aaaahhhhmagaaad , why didn't I take a picture of that and made a post about it?"

So I just need to pay more attention to what I'm doing and remember to take more pictures!


That's true but I take the pictures and forget what to use it for!


Haha, me to some times @Tbnfl4sun
It happens very often that i brows through my pictures on the phone and thinking, why did I take that picture

gråtele smily.jpg

Kindest regards


I think you are writing good posts @Hamalnder.
But, I fully understand what you mean by struggling to come up with good content.
Try to writ down ideas when you think of them, then it will be much easier when you are in-front of the CP and are going to make a post.


That's a good idea! Thanks! CP? Haha! I hope you mean pc? Hehehe!


Hahahahahahahahahaha, yes I ment PC. Dont think a CP can help me write a post :)

Hello, what attracted me a lot is the fact of writing what we like, you are absolutely right because when we write what we like we do it correctly and with a very good quality, for the length of the post ca depends on the quality of information, for a beginner it is predictable to write a post a bit short for not having a boring post and it can create a lot of problems to the author with respect to his followers they will stop reading these posts.

"I often write down this in key words on my phone"
Thats a great tip! Save good idea's for later use.

for images, yes I totally agree with you it is very important to insert images but just have to have your own photos or use free photos without copyright and free to use


That is so true @Redouanemez
Most people, including my self, some times forget to check if the picture has a copyright attached to it.
Maybe I should start to make referrals to where the picture is picked up from.
Good thoughts you have here @Redouanemez


That's a good post about blog.......
First to last...
Thank's for sharing
@followed and upvoted


Thank you for reading it @Shagorshikder
Hope you find some of it useful for your posts.


Hi @gyldenhorn

Thank you for the great tips. I think I need more practice on coming up with beter titles for my posts. Also the tip about writing ideas down is a very good one, since I sometimes think of something but then after getting busy at work then later on the ideas are missing or lost.

Can't wait for more helpful tips, keep them coming.


Hi @Diebaasman

You are very welcome, glad that you can use some of the tips :)
Beside that I write down key words when I get a new idea I have also startet to write a post or two when I have the time. That way I always have something ready that I can publish.

have a great day.jpg

Kindest Regards

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WoW, many thanks for this post. I will try to follow your directory.

upvoted resteemit.

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very informative post.every moment i learn something from your post.love to read it.

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