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RE: A landscape view from the mountains behind my cabin

in #norway2 years ago

Hello sir @gyldenhorn

We really crave your interesting topics and every time I look at your page to see if you have put something new and this time your absence has been long overdue, so welcome again.
What a scene, like a piece of paradise, you're really lucky to have a cabin in this bliss.
Despite the things you said were not yet finished in preparation or cost a lot when they come once, being in such a wonderful view is worth it, being part of this wonderful painting is a dream for me personally. I hope you have a happy time in your cabin and in this wonderful place.


Hello @Gagago
I am glad to hear that you think it has been a while since I have been posting :)
I love the view at the picture. I will probably get thousand of pictures around this place. I have been there every week the past month. So hope you like photos from Norway for there will be a lot of them :)

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