Steemit meet-up in Fredrikstad

in #norway6 years ago

Sunday 04.03 was the first meet-up in Fredrikstad, the hosts @onebitnews had invited 10 persons to buy tickets to a fun day with a possibility to get to know other fellow steemians and to get some advice's from those how have made success on Steemit.

When we met we where welcomed by the famous @ramta. A big man with big words and a master plan:-)
We where taken up to the office rooms of @onebitnews and met the others. We where served some coffee and snacks and went into the meeting room to start it all up:-)

During the meeting @ramta, @gyldenhorn and @erlendgroseth, the men behind @onebitnews took us trough different topics with their specialty and we all have something to learn from this guys:-)

At the meeting I think we all had a great time, it was fun to meet, @tommyhansen, @momar, @ barbro and the hosts. We spent several hours discussing different approaches and different ways on using steemit, how to become successful and what not to do. And to my astonishment, we where show steemit evil plan. A plan that was posted early on steemit. I have never seen this before even though I had an understanding of how it works i did not know this post from @dan steemits evil plan

It was a really fun and educating evening and I hope it will be more meet-up like this in the future:-)

Have a great day
Best regards @everydaycoach


It was really nice to got meet you @everydaycoach, looking forward our next steem meet-up 👌

Thanks @momar. Fun to finally meet you and to put a face on the name:-) Looking forward to the next meet-up
Best regards @everydaycoach

Hi @Everydaycoach
Was great to have you at the meet-up.
I think we got some great ideas that we mus follow up.

Kindest regards

Yes we must do, To get an idea is good, to follow up is the clue:-) Looking forward to exploring more of the ideas and putting them into action:-)

I congratulate all the team for the meeting day that you organized, and I thank you for the effort that you provide for @onebitnews magazine, with its various interesting topics to wich I am a fan.
Good continuation


Thank you @amalmez, I’m not part of the @onebitnews team, just one of you guys trying to contribute with what I can:-) have a great day!

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