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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 8 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 8

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Yet another auction on 20 STEEM

You can bid on 20 Steem

You can bid with what you want, either an item, bank transfer, Paypal, Sbd or other values/transfers as you choose:-)

Have fun and bid what you want.
Don't forget our famous cash back.

To see post click her

Here is a new video from my favorite coach

Best regards @EveryDayCoach


I am just trying to win these 20 @Steem & have fun.

My new BID is 44 SBD.


Regards @DannyWill

You are the winner of auction this auction @DannyWill

Just send 44 SBD to @everydaycoach. And write 20 STEEM in the memo.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you some nice CachBack.

Have a great day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Hi Dear @EveryDayCoach
I just send you 44 SBD to your Wallet. Its been a real pleasure doing business with you. It is my first ever win in the Garage Sale Auction. I am so happy right now & i also had so much fun. Eagerly waiting for the next Auction. Hope to win the next BID aslo.
Regards @Dannywill.

Hi @Everydaycoach,i think you are very happy now.Because this is huge profitable deal for you.Now 20steem=may be 21 SBD.But you got 44SBD for this 20 steem.I think this is highest profit in garage sale.I think now we should think it twice that should we bid that much for 20steem?Every body start thinking.
Best regards @rupok.

Hi @rupok !

How's that 20 steem = 21 SBD ? !!

Now :
1 steem = 2.86 USD
1 sbd = 2.29 USD
So if I report, I will find:
steem / sbd = 1.24 which gives:
20 steem = 24.8 sbd

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hi @redouanemez when i made this comment at that time 20steem was =21SBD.Now i checked this now 20steem=almost 24SBD.The price is frequently moving.I think you can understand now.Thank's @redouanemez for your reply.

Hi dear @rupok. There is a possibility for that
you are missing a part of the auctions I and @babsboard are doing. Please have a look at the comments from the winner and have a look at the value if the comments after we announce the winner:-) this will hopefully give you some idea of why it is profitable for everyone both seller and buyers to pay this amount. But of course if you don’t understand the game don’t play it:-)
Have a great day
Best regards @everydaycoachD5DA1855-37A0-4D45-9B9B-099FA703969D.jpeg

I am sorry @everydaycoach,i think you have get me wrong.I just said only based on steem vs sbd price.If we calculate the upvote value then it's surely a win win situation for all.@everydaycoach i know the game that's why i won it.I think you are angry with me.If i have hurt you then please pardon me.My main point was about the price hike situation.If the price of 20 steem increasing like this then in near future it will not a win win situation for all.I just wanted to warn every one who participate in this auction.Anyway thank's for your reply @everydaycoach.
A big thank's to @babsboard and @ramta sir.

Yes @everydaycoach you're right, when I do calculations I see that both buyer and seller are winners because the buyer earns a lot in the upvotes he receives with curation and more.

But I think Sir @rupok said that just based on the prices of steem and sbd and if he took a look at the comments he will understand the usefulness of the games for the buyer and the seller.

I think @rupok has just given a note but deep down he must be happy for you.

Best Regards

Thank's @redouanemez for your kind word's.I am really happy for this garage sale.I like to participate in this auction.I like the game.

you are welcome @rupok !

I wish you good luck on steemit.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hello, My new bid is 43 SBD, GOOD LUCK @dannywill GOOD LUCK everybody.


Hi bidders
I'm sorry @Dannywill, but me too I want these 20 steem strongly so I will fight up to get them, good luck for you and for everyone :)

My bid for this 20 steem is 41 SBD


I also need those 20 @Steem Dear @gagago that's why i also raise my BID.

My new BID is 42 SBD.

cute (2).jpg

Regards @DannyWill

Hi everybody

My bid for this 20 steem is 38 SBD


My new BID for these 20 Steem is 40 SBD.
Best regards @Dannywill

Sorry Dear @hasmez
I need those 20 Steem.

My New Bid is 35 SBD.


Hello, my new bid FOR 20 STEEM is 39.50 SBD image

Hey, I'm the first one out. I will start the bidding, sooooo coooool

I bid 10 SBD

Hi Everyone,
I am back again with my new offer.
My new offer is 37 SBD for those 20 Steem.

Best regards @Dannywill

Hi @everydaycoach !

My bid for 20 steem is 36 SBD !


Best Regards

I raise my Bid to 39 SBD for these 20 Steem.

To win those Steem i have to raise my BID & i raise my bid to 30 SBD.


Hi @everydaycoach,

I bid 34 SBD for those 20 STEEM.


There is no other way except to raise my bid.
Sorry Dear @pijon, i hope you understand. I really want those steem.
My proposal is 29 SBD.

Thank You.

What's happening everyone want those 20 Steem. i don't know i will win or not. but i will try my best to win.

My new Bid is 27 SBD.

I need those 20 @Steem to increase my Steem power.

My offer is 12 Sbd.


I guesstimate the steem power of @babsboard at payout of this post will be 13275 SP.

Again i raise my BID. My new BID is 28 SBD.

Previous auction of [email protected], i Bid 37 SBD but i still couldn't win that Bid.
This time i will go further if i have to.

My New Offer is 32 SBD.
Best regards @Dannywill

Last time i didn't win those 20 Steem. This time i definitely will win.

I raise my bid to 22 SBD. Hope i win this time.


Those 20 @Steem is mine.

My new offer 25 SBD.


Oh My God, the Bid is rising so fast. I can't keep up with it.

I also rise my bid to 23 sbd.

Sorry @mdsahid i wouldn't give up so easily.
My new offer is 19 SBD.

Wow another chance to get 20 Steem.
Thank you so much @EveryDayCoach for giving us this great opportunity.

My BID is 15 SBD.


Looks like everyone wants that 20 steem so do i.

That's why i raise my Bid to 17 SBD.


Hi @EveryDayCoach
My Bid is 13 SBD for those 20 Steem.


Regards @Pijon.

Hi @EveryDayCoach,

I start my Bid with 3 SBD.


I Bid 16 sbd for 20 steem.

My guess steem power will be 13275.

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