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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 8 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 8

in #norway4 years ago

I am just trying to win these 20 @Steem & have fun.

My new BID is 44 SBD.


Regards @DannyWill


You are the winner of auction this auction @DannyWill

Just send 44 SBD to @everydaycoach. And write 20 STEEM in the memo.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you some nice CachBack.

Have a great day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Hi Dear @EveryDayCoach
I just send you 44 SBD to your Wallet. Its been a real pleasure doing business with you. It is my first ever win in the Garage Sale Auction. I am so happy right now & i also had so much fun. Eagerly waiting for the next Auction. Hope to win the next BID aslo.
Regards @Dannywill.

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